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[oldboys] Miss Digital World Competition 

Here it is - Miss Digital World, the first ever virtual beauty contest, strictly for the most beautiful and intriguing virtual models made using the most advanced 3D graphics tools. 

Every age has its ideal of beauty, and every age produces its visual incarnation of that ideal: the Venus de Milo, an icon of ideal beauty in the Greek world, the Mona Lisa in the Renaissance, mysterious and eternal, the "divine" Greta Garbo, symbol of an ethereal and enigmatic beauty in the 1920s, Marilyn Monroe, the spontaneous and seductive beauty of the 60s. Miss Digital World is the search for a contemporary ideal of beauty, represented through virtual reality. 

The competition, the idea of Franz Cerami, one of the media event designers and inventor of (among other things) Panorami Sintetici, Monumedia and Corto Circuito, is being promoted by Monumedia srl and Virtuality Conference from Turin. It is an event which will attract people from all over the world. 

Miss Digital World is aimed at digital artists, advertising agencies, cinema production companies and videogame programmers who have created famous (or even not so famous) virtual models, following the success of videogame heroines such as Lara Croft, digital anchorwomen like Ananova and cloned actors, as in the third Matrix film. 

Miss Digital World will take place on the internet in a three-dimensional environment. All the contestants will parade along a virtual catwalk, and - of course - there will be a virtual presenter and guests who will help to create the atmosphere of a beauty contest.

The "girl" who, at the end of the preliminary rounds, has the highest number of votes from net users, will be crowned on the site in a breathtaking, tear-jerking ceremony.

As well as the virtual prize-giving, there will also be a "real" ceremony - Miss Digital World will be crowned in Turin as part of Virtuality 2004, and her creator will be awarded a prize.

Miss Digital World aims to:

*	promote and raise awareness and use of virtual characters created by computer graphics.

*	be an information source and reference point for the development of 3D graphics.

*	be a reference point for companies interested in the use of virtual characters for advertising and publicity.

To take part in Miss Digital World, contestants have to have the following requirements: 

*	never to have taken part, not even as extras or cameos, in any type of pornographic films, shows or plays.

*	never to have made public pronouncements of a potentially embarrassing nature, or in any way not in tone with the moral spirit of the Competition. 

*	to have, however, the complete and unconditional availability of their own image and name.

Each contestant must submit the following when applying:

*	5 photos for the photo book in jpeg format
*	date of birth, name, address, etc.
*	hair colour
*	eye colour
*	height
*	vital statistics
*	video that can be seen in streaming in 
Quick Time Movie or in .avi format

Competition time
The competition Miss Digital World will last for 12 months. 

Selection and deadline
The competition will take place in three preliminary selections heats and in one final poll to choose Miss Digital World 2004.
Each intermediate round will select 20 contestants for the final poll.
The three preliminary rounds and the final poll will take place as the following planning shows:
Collecting works
Poll time

1 December 2003 
28 February 2004 
1 December 2003
30 March 2004 
31 March 2004

Second selection
1 March 2004
31 May 2004 
1 March 2004
29 June 2004
30 June 2004

1 June 2004 
31 August 2004
1 June 2004
29 September 2004 
30 September 2004

1 October 2004
29 November 2004 
30 November 2004

For further information contact

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