nat muller on Mon, 10 Feb 2003 12:24:58 +0100 (CET)

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[oldboys] Data Quilting forum

Dear Old boyZ,

You're all cordially invited to participate in the on-line discussion forum
*DATA QUILTING*, which has been set up in connection to the *Data Quilting*
salon during the Dutch Electronic Art's Festival (DEAF).

Don't forget to create an account first.

Hope to see you there!




WHY Data Quilting?

In the days when women were deprived of a public voice, the action of
quilting has literally been the text/ile for expressing political, social
positions. Nowadays quilts still signify palimpsests of meanings, which
make up a testimony of their makers and time. Data Quilting takes up the
contemporary equivalent
of quilting as a point of departure to discuss, and exchange
which strategies women working in new media apply to foster collaboration
spur interdisciplinary practice.

The aim of this forum works on multiple levels
which interlace with each other. Even though there are many women active
within the field of new media, and even though they are usually fairly
within festivals and art events, technology and its creative usage still
appears to be covered by a veil of masculinity. This whilst creative
practice within new media calls for radically new ways of collaboration,
working, and threading interdisciplinary skills and knowledge together. We
feel that this working methodology shows many parallels with quilting,
which has been a typical creative, collaborative and political activity
amongst women.

Bring yer yarns and needles!

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