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[oldboys] ISEA2004 CALL for PROPOSALS #1: sub themes and large projects

Stockholm - Tallinn - Helsinki August 14th - 22nd, 2004

ISEA2004: The 12th International Symposium on Electronic Art

CALL FOR PROPOSALS #1: sub themes and large projects

Deadline: February 28th 2003.
(Please note: If you want to submit a paper, a work to an
exhibition, or any other project that does not require long-term
arrangements and can manage with commonly available technologies,
please submit by the August 15th, 2003 deadline.)
new media art - media culture research - electronic music -
art and science - cultural and social applications for new media -

New media meets art, science, research, and popular culture at
ISEA2004 in Stockholm - Tallinn - Helsinki. For the first time an
event of this scale is being organised between three cities and on
the ferry travelling between these three Baltic countries.
International participants and local audiences attend thematic
conferences, exhibitions, live performances, screenings, satellite
events, concerts and clubs. Many events are also interfaced via
television, radio, broadband Internet, and mobile networks making
them available to the widest possible audience.

We are encouraging: Socially, critically and ecologically engaging
work; Networked projects that connect several sites; Projects that
bring the creative media to the streets; Projects that are worn on or
inside people; Context sensitive work in the museums; Projects that
float, dock or sail; Screen based media as it appears in 2004; Sea
Fair: technological gizmos for ferry travellers and future media
archaeologists to discover; Bridges between club scenes and art
venues; Most engaging works from performing arts that engage new
media, users, and audiences; Networks to network

Key themes for the event include:
Networked experience (Stockholm)
Wearable experience (Tallinn)
Wireless experience (Helsinki)
Histories of the new: media arts, media cultures, media technologies
- all cities

Additional themes include:
Interfacing sound (in collaboration with Koneisto)
Open source and software as culture (Helsinki)
Critical interaction design (Helsinki)
Geopolitics of media (Tallinn)

We are currently inviting proposals for additional conference and
exhibition sub themes, large projects, technically or logistically
complicated projects, projects that require work on site, projects or
research which require collaboration with a local community, company,
or a research institute, ideas which transform the event itself,
tools for interaction and interfacing the event to urban spaces, etc.

We are envisaging that large projects may include, but not be
limited to: theoretical or practical workshops, technically
complicated installations, live acts that demand a lot of staging -
thematic or technically unusually interfaced screenings - games or
shared environments that influence the event structure - pre-events
or post-events in relation to the above dates - remote participation -

Our over all aim for ISEA2004 is to create an event which is
thematically and critically coherent and provides new insight. You
can suggest themes that link to those already suggested on the web
site - - or you can suggest an
entirely new area which you feel is important to address in August

Please note that ISEA2004 is a forum for artistic, academic, and
culturally or socially relevant work that has not previously been
presented in international forums (you may have showed/presented it
in your local context).

All submissions are done via our website using a web form and stored
into a database. This procedure allows us to have the proposals
reviewed by International Programme Committee (IPC) members. When you
make a submission, it is recommended to that you choose a
theme/city/genre - though especially in this first call we are also
encouraging additional themes which you believe will be timely and
relevant in late 2004.

Are you an individual, or do you represent a group, organisation,
research unit, a network, or a company? One of our aims is to provide
various ways in which organisations and individuals will be
introduced to one another before and during the event. The networking
and social aspects of ISEA2004 are very important to us - so please
suggest concepts, technologies or themes with this objective in mind.

- -

Why are we making the first call 16 months before the event?

We want to enable you to propose challenging new work that requires
time to produce and where our letter of acceptance may still assist
you to secure partners or resources. We also want to be able to
appropriately resource the presentation technology and network you
with local collaborators if necessary. Ultimately we are interested
in ensuring that ISEA2004 is a challenging and rewarding experience
for its professional participants and multiple audiences!  To this
end we are keen to work with you to ensure that projects are
appropriately resourced and supported.

E-mail responses: when you submit your proposal, you will receive an
email providing you with a code, which will identify your proposal.
You may login to your submission via a URL sent to you to modify the
submission until the end of February. After that, you can only modify
your personal or organisation data. If you need to talk to us about
the proposal, please include this code in the subject line of your e-

We very much look forward to hearing your ideas!

Very best,

Tapio Makela and Amanda McDonald Crowley

m-cult, centre for media culture in finland

Exhibition: The Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma
Conference: Media Centre Lume (University of Art and Design)
Electronic music: Koneisto (Festival for electronic music and arts)

Coordinator: CRAC, Creativ

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