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[oldboys] out now 'technics of cyber<>feminism <mode=message>'

Title: out now 'technics of cyber<>feminism <mode=message>'
A critical approach to cyberfeminism is presented in a new book
 from the Frauen.Kultur.Labor Thealit Bremen (D):

Reiche, Claudia / Sick, Andrea, Eds. (2002):
technics of cyber<>feminism <mode=message>
Bremen, thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor,  ISBN 3-930924-03-X

16 x 21 cm, 228 pages, b &w
Price: 15 Euro , + shipping

order:      (or

"This book questions the project of Cyberfeminism itself -
as a methodological reflection of the explosive combination of the Œdigital¹ and Œfeminism¹.
The subtitle <mode=message> aimed at a perspective queering disciplines and media.
For, if the mode is the message, then tactics from different contexts and media
could communicate and compare Œdirectly¹ as well as Œstructurally¹."
 Ricarda Frey


Marie-Luise Angerer
professor of Gender and Media Studies at the Kunsthochschule für Medien Cologne,
'Cybertrouble(s), The Question of the Subject in Cyberfeminism',

Irina Aristarkhova <SGP/RUS>,
 assistant professor, National University of Singapore, Cyberarts Research Initiative
 'Virtual Chora: Welcome'

 Caroline Bassett <GB>,
reviews editor, School of Cultural and Community Studies, University of Sussex,
'Self, Same, Cyborg?',

Ulrike Bergermann <D>,
scientific assistent at the University of Paderborn ¹s Media Theory section,
 'Find/Replace. Testing the Cyberfeminism Program',

Marina Grzinic <SLO>,
Institute of Philosophy, Scientific and Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Science and Art Ljubljana,
'A Theoretical-Political Positioning of Philosophy, Media and Cyberfeminism'

Verena Kuni <D>,
arthistorian and mediatheorist, University of Trier,
'Fe/Male Troubles. Transgressions at Gender(ed) Interfaces',

Helene von Oldenburg <D>,
'The Invention of Cyberfeminist Facts'

Catherine Pelachaud <I>,
informatics, Universita di Roma La Sapienza,
'Modeling Gender Differences in Embodied Agents',

Claudia Reiche <D>,
mediatheorist, artist,
'Technics of Ambivalence and Telepresence',

Anne-Marie Schleiner <USA>,
writer,critic,curator,and gaming artist/designer,
'Countdown: Cyberfeminism and Hacker Strategies',

Andrea Sick <D>,
cultural scientist und curator,
'C< >F Virus',

Cornelia Sollfrank <D>,
'Not Every Hacker is a Woman',

Yvonne Volkart <CH>,
curator, argt-critic and writer, lecturer Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zürich,
'Strategic Sexualisations. Between Method and Fantasy',

Faith Wilding <USA>,
'Becoming Autonomous'.

The anthology  is a result of the laboratory technics of cyber<>feminism <mode=message>, thealit, Bremen, December 7­9 2001, being part of the Cyberfeminism.Lab, funded by the European Union, Directorate General Education and Culture

European Cooperation
CONSTANT vzw Verenigung voor kunst en media (Brussels, BE)
Les Pénélopes (Paris, F)
MAKE, the organisation for women in the arts (London, GB)

Cyberfem Spirit-Spirit of Data
Exhibition, Edith Russ Site for Media Art (Oldenburg, D)

very cyberfeminist international
Conference, old boys network
Lichtmesz Kino (Hambrug, D)

Publication Series (volume 1-3)
von Oldenburg, Helene / Altstatt, Rosanne, Eds. (2002): cyberfem spirit-spirit of data, Oldenburg, Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst, (Volume 1), order:

Reiche, Claudia / Sick, Andrea, Eds. (2002): technics of cyber<>feminism <mode=message>, Bremen, thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor, (Volume 2) ISBN 3-930924-03-X, order:

von Oldenburg, Helene / Reiche, Claudia, Eds. (2002): very cyberfeminist international, obn conference, hamburg, december 13­16, 2001, Berlin, b_books, (Volume 3) ISBN 3-933557-34-8, order: (still in print)

 for more information see: