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:::::::::::::VERBINDINGEN/JONCTIONS 6:::::::::::::
::::::::::10 --­ 26 / 05/ 2002 ­ BRUSSELS:::::::::

Constant invites you to the sixth edition of its multi media festival :
Treats in store : improvised and electronic music concerts, film screenings,
video library, a selection of CD-ROMs and websites, conferences; and a radio
programme broadcast on this website :

This year¹s challenge is to come to grips with some burning questions which
concern individuals in several separate creative categories: composers of
electronic or improvised music, programmers working on the development of
free software, and ... cyborgs, those imaginary beings, part human, part

The main idea of this programme rests on the hypothesis that several
questions are common to these creators, although approached in different
The questions are of a political and philosophical nature :
- What is our stance with regard to technology ?
- How and why can DIY gain a political and critical dimension ?
- How can technology be used from a "minority" point of view ?
- How should we transmit our knowledge, and what should we do with the idea
of transmission, of tradition ?
- But also how should we think of ourselves, taking into consideration the
ideas of paradox, multiplicity, and impurity ?
- And what are the consequences of these paradoxes - for aesthetic creation
and also for our bodies and sexual identity ?

It seems important to us to identify these questions and to listen to
theoreticians and artists such as Richard Barbrook, Simon Pope, Karin
Spaink, Muriel Andrin, Christophe Den Tandt, Hans Scheirl, who aim to extend
the theoretical and aesthetic dimensions of these questions.

Nevertheless, the festival's main concern is ACTION!
There will be a corresponding workshop for each concert. Every musician
invited will commit him/herself to handing down and sharing his/her
experience and what he/she will have learned in the different workshops.
What is the tool, the instrument, made of? How can we reappropriate it?
Tamper with it? Transform it? How to regain possession of the tools of sound

However, a tool is meaningless if no thought is given to distribution.
This is why the results of the workshops will be broadcast and an invitation
extended to all visitors to have the workings and installation of Constant¹s
web radio, which will be active throughout the festival, explained to them.

Reflecting these sessions of collaborative work will be a programme of films
which will expound the various identities of the cyborg.  A creature of
paradox, both military and rebel, entirely programmed and fighting for its
autonomy, navigating between genders, this being is the embodiment of the
most extreme projections of the technological future that faces us.

FREE but please enroll!
--Sa 11 /15 :00 ­ 19 :00
Amy Denio Workshop
--Mon 13 /15 :00-19 :00
Andrey Savitsky Workshop
Pure Data
--Tue 14 /13 :00 ­15 :00
--Wed 15 + Thu 16/15 :00- 19 :00
Chantal Dumas Workshop
--Tue 14/16 : 00 ­19 :00
Andrea Neumann and Ignaz Schick Workshop
--Fri 19/15 :00 ­19 :00
Free software,  models for collaboration and tools for creation.
with: BXLUG(Brussels Linux Users Group), Eric Gianquinto(B)...
--Sa 18 /13 : 00 ­ 17 :00
Kaffe Matthews Workshop

4 euros per night, no reservation
--May 10 / 21:00
Tujiko Noriko
--May 11 / 21:00   
Amy Denio 
--May 11 / 22:00
Lopez Francisco and Amy Denio
--May 13/ 21 :00
Malgré les camions
--May 14 / 21:00
--May 15 / 21:00
Petit Pale 
--May 16 / 21:00
Dumas Chantal
--May 17 / 21:00
Mafucage performance
--May 18/ 21 :00
Matthews Kaffe
--May 18 / 22:00
Game of mobile forces

--May 12 / 18:00/ Taverne des Beaux-Arts
'Art is everything business is not'
Simon Pope (UK) 
--May 14/ 20 :00/Taverne des Beaux-Arts
Richard Barbrook (UK)
--May 21/ 20:15/ Filmmuseum
'Introduction to Dandy Dust'
Hans Scheirl (AUS/UK) + Karen Vanderborght (B)
--May 24/ 20:15/Filmmuseum
'Cyborg en mensenlijkheid', Karin Spaink

On cyborgs, robots, cyberheroines, replicants, androïdes, clones,Š
21 ­ 26 /05 Filmmuseum
Lectures: Hans Scheirl, Karin Spaink
Introduction: 23/05 by Christophe Den Tandt, 25/05 by Muriel Andrin

--Working on!. Relatos imaginarios: oMediaculturals inputs and outputs.
Virginia Villaplana¹s video selection

--Opening of the Constant on-line radio---Stay tuned---

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