Cornelia Sollfrank on Wed, 3 Apr 2002 15:08:14 +0200 (CEST)

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[oldboys] reading room website

dear boys,

i am working on the new website these days and put together the reading room. you are welcome to contribute further texts.

best , cornelia

the content so far:

- 100 anti-theses
- cyberfeminist manifesto for the 21st century, vns matrix

- prema murthy
- shu lea chang
- cornelia sollfrank
- zina kaye
- faith wilding
- kathy rae huffman

verena kuni: performing cyberfeminism,the future is femail, was ist ein netzkuenstler?
yvonne volkart: Diese Körper genannten transnationalen Moleküle, Wie Bimbaldi und Yvanella 3001 wurden, This Monstrosity, This Proliferation, Once Upon a Time Called Woman, Butterfly, Asian Girl, Technologies of Identity
claudia reiche: anatomie eines ufos, biorevolution, feminism is digital, pixel
doll yoko: liquid, doll space 99,
faith wilding: where is feminism in cyberfeminism?, notes on the political condition of cyberfeminism, Stolen Rhetoric: The Appropriation of Choice by ART Industries, Vulvas with a Difference
helene von oldenburg: from sider- to cyberfeminism, musen, ufos und museen,  spiderfeminism, ufo-strategien

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