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[oldboys] [Fwd: Ursula Biemann's Performing the Border and Remote Sensing]

If any of you are in Berlin, Vali and I are hosting Ursula Biemann,
so please come by to see the work, share a beer (or buy your own ;))
and meet Ursula! see you here! Diana]

Raum 3 presents Performing the Border and a preview of Remote Sensing
with Ursula Biemann in person to take questions. Drinks and Bytes!

bootlab,  ziegelstrasse 23,  berlin  
eintritt: 5 DM

Donnerstag,  1. November

20.00  Performing the Border, 43 min. 1999

A video essay set in the Mexican-US border town Ciudad Juarez, 
where the US industries assemble their digital equipment, located 
right across from El Paso, Texas.  <performing the border>  looks at 
the border as both a discursive and a material space constituted 
through the performance of gender and the management of these gender
relations.  The video discusses the sexualisation of the border region
through labor division, prostitution, the entertainment industry, and
sexual violence in the public sphere.  

Lumpenvision netcast at  http://www.lumpen.com

21.00 Remote Sensing (54 min) (Preview)

Spiralling down from an orbital view captured by image satellites, 
the video-essay takes an earthly perspective on cross-border circuits,
where women have emerged as key actors. Remote Sensing traces the routes
and reasons of women who travel across the globe for work in the sex
industry. Voluntarily or not, women are displaced in great numbers from
Manila to Nigeria, from Burma to Thailand, from Bulgaria to Europe:
female bodies in the flow of global capitalism. The highly digital
documents generated for this video link new geographic technologies 
to the sexualization and displacement of women on a global scale. 
Using the latest images from NASA satellites, the video investigates 
the consequences of the U.S. military presence in South East Asia as 
well as the European migration politics.

Remote Sensing will be premiered at the Duisburger Film Festival 
on November 7th. 

Ursula Biemann is an artist and videomaker focusing on gender
and globalisation issues in economy, media and the urban space.
Lives in Zurich, Switzerland    biemann@access.ch

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