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[oldboys] MARS PATENT October 24 , 19:00


The first interplanetarian exhibition space on Mars THE MARS PATENT
is  proud to present the latest teleportations to the Mars Exhibition Site.


meeting and discussion: the Mars Patent
                        Vereinsstr. 61
                        Hamburg (D)
                        24.10.2001       19:00-22:00

"Carnevale Mars Mission"
by Reva Stone   

"I am intrigued by the possibility of sending my robotic surrogate
'Carnevale 1.0' to Mars. Recently, Carnevale and I discovered that the
upcoming Odyssey Mission was expected to have a robotic Fido Class K9 roving
platform land with it.  Because of technical difficulties, this roving
platform wonąt be sent to Mars until the next Mars Mission in 2003.
Fortunately, Carnevale is available to go in its place!  Carnevale herself
was originally designed for Earth environments.  However, when this
opportunity arose, we realized that her toughened aluminum body could
withstand the teleportation process, the numbing cold, and the infamous Red
Mars dust storms. She also carries scientific instruments designed to
collect and transmit images. We plan to make her trip coincide with the
arrival of the Odyssey Mission on October 24th of this year." (Reva Stone)



"contributions, articles, pictures, artworks for the theme
'mars' in the october issue of the e-zine (...)
size: 400x400 pixls, 72 dpi (pictures please jpg or gif), if you choose
another format it´ll get a background so the work will fit in our
400x400 format. you can also send flashs and films. if you have text works
please as txt file." (i-love-u call for contributions)

For the 'i-love-u' E-zine Ruth Bugmann (The Synthetics) will be present.


THE MARS PATENT is an interplanetarian project founded by Helene von
Oldenburg and Claudia Reiche. Have you ever dreamed of seeing works of art
and theory on Mars? Now you can! THE MARS PATENT invites you to experience
culture on a fascinating and promising site. Millions of miles away the red
planet, Mars, now lies within your reach. Since the early days THE MARS
PATENT committee has been working hard to find a discriminating place for
your desires which allows a new sight on earth. But such a place could only
be realized by means of a recently developed device, the HRM_1.0n, the
"High Reality Machine". The HRM_1.0n transforms the vision of a viable
martian place for your objects into reality and into the mode of global
The HRM_1.0n becomes a potent device in your hands to place your things on
THE MARS PATENT's Mars Exhibition Site (MES):
THE MARS PATENT offers the MES to you as a free experimental area and
invites every thing which does not fit on earth but tends towards the MES.
(A thing? A real thing that could be your idea, your object, your work,
your project, your desire...)
THE MARS PATENT takes the full risk of handling, transporting and
sustaining the concepts and objects up to MES, but can't take any
guarantees for the condition on earth.

For more information look at the website:

or mail to:

Claudia Reiche + Helene von Oldenburg

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