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[oldboys] commitment and purpose

Cornelia and everyone:

I am very late responding to your call for updates access to my PC has been  
intermittent... I will get my CV etc. to you and it will, of course, be one
for OBN by a 'self proclaimed non-artist!' Although my view about this has
changed considerably since I met you at Dundee and I now  know that my 'art'
is in creating jigsaw puzzles of words and actions to map events

As you know, I come from an educationalist background and that I am doing my
doctorate  (my puzzle)  on academic women's experiences of virtual learning
environments using 'cyberfeminism' as the glue. I read Faiths comment about
serious events in the world, and I agree. I am not a feminist but I sure do
have feminist tendencies and I expected more evidence of 'collective
activism' from the OBN at this stage. Yes, I know that I am a lurker and do
all the naughty things that a member of a virtual society shouldn't do (you
know, the 'get around to it philosophy') but I wouild like to make a few
comments which I hope will get some responses

With such a powerful tool like the 'Net' where are  the 'collective' actions
against the injustices against women - I am thinking here specifically of the
case of the mother in USA who killed, murdered, removed. obliterated, wiped
out,  snuffed out, (saved?) her 5 children - were these the actions of a
rational person.If not, what do we have here? a case of someone who might
possibily  be sent to 'death row'  who may be 'mentally unstable' - If I had
5 children under 8 years I wouldmore than likely have severe (and probably )
undiagnosed postnatal depression....will we ever know the truth? Is it right
that anyone should be  killed, murdered, removed. obliterated, wiped out,  
snuffed out, punished (saving society?) - who learns the lesson, who is
punished, to what end. It is so much easier to save society at the expense of
 a 'life'

I see cyber-feminism as having four strands - the artistic strand, the cyborg
theorists, the positivist technology theorists and the virtualists.It
occurred to me that in a case such as that outlined above all of these
strands should unite to achieve a political end. Namely: highlight, question,
probe and demand self-reflection from those with the job of  enforcing the
law.  I had half expected to see a political strategy using images reflecting
the enormity of the incident coupled with a bombardment of emails etc to the
relevant authority. An amalgamation of the strands with a common goal - after
all those with access to communication technologies are the power holders!  
Is it that there has to be a LEADER before actions can be joined up?

Just a few thoughts from a novice CF (although one who really doesn't not
agree with the cyborg theorists)

Debbie Lock