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Re: [oldboys] last call for changes and updates -- cvs

great, the lsit with cv-s would look even greater when all would be 
collected  at one place. hope it's not too late

Iskra Dimitrova (Macedonia). graduated from university in skopje philosophy 
and sculpture. she is multimedia artist,
has worked "classical" installations
recently interactive
digital and video installations
net art
(   - sorry, just in macedonian) 
and web design.
"invited herself" at the venice biennial 1999 in a venetian gondola 
exhibition space and with a coffin inside the gondola, she was telling a 
romantic tale through the canals of venice.
her background in electronic arts she didn't recieve at any academy.
she did the autoironic interactive installation "the last supper(hoc est 
corpus meum)" while participating at ifu, that was seen by few people and 
understood by even fewer. 
(part of the installation at

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