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[oldboys] obn website relaunch: reading room - call for contributions

obn website relaunch - reading room - call for contributions

is there a cyberfeminist theory? or better: are there cyberfeminist
theories? what is a cyberfeminist theory? what is written on
cyberfeminism(s)? what is written on cyberfeminists? what do
cyberfeminists write? what do cyberfeminists read?

how should an obn reading room look like?
what kind of texts should it provide?
decide yourself!

the goal is not to form a cyberfeminist canon of literature,
but to create a multi-facetted collection of cyberfeminist
writings/texts as well as an open archive of what was written on
cyberfeminism and cyberfeminists.

therefore, we're looking for:

- texts you consider yourself as cyberfeminist/as contributions
  to cyberfeminism...

- texts on cyberfeminism...

- texts you'd recommend as inspiring resources for cyberfeminists...

... to be included as documents, to make them available in the old boys
reading room: please send your texts as rtf or html or pdf docmuments!

... to be made accessible via hyperlinks: please send URLs (of your own
texts as well of other resources)!

... to be listed in a a bibliography of recommended literature: please
send titles (with all nec. references - and: comments are very

we are interested in texts of any kind/form/style (statment, essay,

texts in any language (english, french, italian, german, dutch,
norwegian, swedish, latvian, chinese, japanese, spanish, turkish,
arabian, hindi, russian...) are welcome!

please help us to create a cyberfeminist reading room embracing a
variety of voices making the spectrum of cyberfeminisms as large as

whatever you (can) send in the mailbody will be great for everybody to
read on the list - anyway: for security reasons attachments please to my
individual address only: <miss.gunst@gmx.de> or <verena@kuni.org> .


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