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[oldboys] kuniboy updates

dear connie & boys,

as bev hood rightly mentioned, the c.v. collection works well
as a substitute for the long awaited <interview yourself>
- except for the sad fact maybe that first tends to be more or less
ssserious while the second probably is more fun to read.
I never forgot about this initial idea, and even started one,
but unfortunately so far I was not at all successfull in
finishing it. :-(
however, find my stuff below - unfortunately the hyperlinks
blow it up to uncomfortable dimensions, but this should
work better on the real page (therefore I will also send an html
version via private mail).


verena kuni (d) <verena@kuni.org>
art historian and media theorist (m.a.). 1996-2001 assistant at the
dept. of art theory/academy of fine arts at the johannes
gutenberg-university of mainz [http://www.kunst.uni-mainz.de ], where
she co-organized a special lecture & teaching programme for women
artists [http://www.kuni.org/v/frau24 ].
since may 2001 assistant at the dept. of art history at the university
of trier [http://www.uni-trier.de/fb3/kunstgeschichte/index_kg.htm ],
where she is also coordinator for the interdisciplinary & intercultural
gender studies programme.
teaching assignments at several universities and art academies since
1995, a.o. at the hochschule fuer gestaltung/offenbach
[http://www.hfg-offenbach.de ], where she is currently involved in the
funding process of a center for gender studies in the arts (<zentrum
fuer genderforschung in den kuensten>, together with the hochschule fuer
musik und darstellende kunst/frankfurt>) and the research project
<gender / medien / kunst>.
ph.d. project on the (self) staging of the artist's persona and the
creation of artist's myths in contemporary art.
besides working as a free lance curator organizing exhibitions, video
screenings, webspaces and conferences [http://www.kuni.org/v/curat.htm
]; as well as a free lance author and critic for several art magazines
[http://www.kuni.org/v/public.htm ] ;
a. o. kunst-bulletin/zurich [http://www.kunstbulletin.ch ],
frieze/london [http://www.frieze.com ], camera austria/graz
[http://www.camera-austria.at ], eikon/vienna [http://www.eikon.or.at ].
as miss.gunst <miss.gunst@gmx.net>, she runs her own radio show
focussing on contemporary art and media, GUNST, on radioX/frankfurt
[http://www.radioX.de ], and regulary spreads the GUNSTagenda newsletter
[http://www.kuni.org/v/gunst ].
since 1995 co-curator of video programmes for the <kasseler
dokumentarfilm und videofest> [http://www.filmladen.de/dokfest ]; where
since 1999 she is also organising the <interfiction> workhop meetings
for art & media networkers [http://www.interfiction.ne t]. co-founder
and webmistress of the <filiale zeitgenössische kunst gender
vermittlung> [http://www.thing.de/filiale ]. member of the <old boys
network (OBN)> [http://www.obn.org ].
research, teaching, lectures and writings in the field of contemporary
arts, (electronic) media and gender related issues.
@home@ http://www.kuni.org/v/


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