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Dear Conny, a few new URL's....have a look  best Yvonne

Yvonne Volkart (CH) <yvolkart@access.ch>
is curator, art critic, writer and lecturer of German and New Media at the
Hochschule of Art and Design in Zurich. She lectures at several European
art schools and universities (such as University of Applied Arts, Vienna,
University of Zurich, Dep. Art History). She planned and organized several
conferences, and was one of the coorganizers of »Next Cyberfeminist
International«, Rotterdam, March 1999. In spring 2000 she curated the show
»Tenacity. Cultural Practices in the Age of Bio- and
Informationtechnologies«, New York/Zurich, March/July 2000
(http://www.thing.net/~tenacity), in spring 2001 the show »Body as Byte.
The Body as Information Flow«, Kunstmuseum Luzern, Switzerland
(http://www.kunstmuseumluzern.ch), and the internet and CD-ROM-section of
the the exhibition »Double Life. Identity and Transformation in
Contemporary Arts«, May - August, 2001, Generali Foundation, Vienna
(http://www.gfound.or.at). She is currently writing a PhD about gender, new
media, and fantasies of the posthuman.

Yvonne Volkart   Riedtlistrasse 30   CH-8006 Zuerich
fon/fax 0041 1 362 41 09  e-mail: yvolkart@access.ch

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