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Re: [oldboys] last call for changes and updates -- cvs

Hi Cornelia:
Here's my info.

Carrie Moyer
CARRIE MOYER is a painter and collaborates with photographer, Sue Schaffner, 
as Dyke Action Machine!, a public art duo. Carrie's paintings have been 
exhibited throughout the US and Europe and is represented by Debs & Co. in 
Chelsea. Dyke Action Machine! (DAM!) is a 10-year old project which inserts 
lesbian hijinx into the artworld and public sphere. DAM!'s interventions are 
sited where ever the public gets its information -- on the street or in the 
subway, on the web, in the gallery or at your local cash machine. Check out 
our latest Neo-Luddite reverie, GYNADOME, at

Carrie Moyer
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