Helene von Oldenburg on 15 Jun 2001 12:13:23 -0000

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[oldboys] rere: obn@venice : say it with flowers!

Title: rere: obn@venice : say it with flowers!
dear old boys network,

as one of the old boys who did not show up at VENICE I'm relying on the
press release "obn@venice :say it with flowers!" for information of OBN
activities. In the press release  "obn@venice :say it with flowers!" I miss
the names of the obn members who take responsibility of the flower act.

Recently we had some discussions about when is an event an obn-event. In the
course of restructuring of obn the so called "core group" was dissolved and
stated that whenever at least 3 members of OBN sign responsible they could
label their activity (whatever that might be) an old-boys-network-event.

The old boys network is a group of cyberfeminists with more or less varying
strategies and goals in their theoretic, artistic and/or politic work. The
practice of obn is the DISSENS. A practise which allows to dessent needs a
clear definition of individual statements. So that for example I don't have
to identify with everything coming out of obn-mouths/brains/keyboards. And
consequently I won't have to dissociate myself of obn-events I dislike.

May "say it with flowers!" be intended as a critical or cynical act the
gesture is naive and weak. It victimizes obn while giving the impression of
an envious obn because obn was not invited to participate in venice.
Additionally the copying of Vuk Cossic's gesture at the opening of
"net.condition" at zkm is not very funy.
It doesn't matter if there was a huge bouquet of flower at the opening in
venice or not and it is "only" a press release. The virtual gesture counts.

Maybe the sender "miss.gunst" (german for envy ) is too honest? Say it with


>Von: miss.gunst@gmx.net
>An: faces-l@yahoogroups.com
>Betreff: [faces] obn@venice : say it with flowers!
>Datum: Sam, 9. Jun 2001 21:21 Uhr

> venice, june 8, 2001
> at the opening of the slovenian pavillion, several members of the Old
> Boys Network congratulated Vuk Cosic and handed over a huge bouquet of
> flowers to him. amongst Tadej Pogacar and 0100101110101101.org, Vuk
> Cosic is the representative of the republic of slovenia in the solvenian
> pavillion at the 49th biennale of art in venice. following is the speech
> which has been delivered by OBN at this occasion:
> "In behalf of the Old Boys Network, an international autonomous
> cyberfeminist networking organisation, we offer this acknowledgement
> to Vuk Cosic. We congratulate Vuk on his success on bringing net.art
> to the venice biennale, which definitely is one of the pinnacles in his
> career. additionally he has curated the first temporary autonomous
> pavillion ever at a biennale. we honour Vuk in using his powerful
> position not just to represent slovenia and bring his
> personal net.art position to this prestigious international event, but
> also to show the positions of his net.art colleagues. we wish him well
> in his future responsibilities to the net art community."
> old boys network (OBN)
> mailto:boys@obn.org
> http://www.obn.org