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Re: [oldboys] review: cyberfeminism workshop in crocodile dundee

at the end of the 2oth century, they floated cyberfeminsm on the stock
exchange. They found that many women bought shares into cf stocks in the
mid-nineties, at that time, cf was floated with much anticipation as a hot
stock on the market. At first it was cheap, and readily accessible by most
new buyers in to the market. By the late nineties, the price had risen, and
it had becom much sought after commodity. Cyberfeminism was used by many
feminist investors to inflate their diminishing investments into their own
identity. The Nasdaq soon reflected that Cyberfeminism was overvalued and
was soon to collapse.

Let's get beyond the hype.

The female body is the most contested zone, pharmacutical and genetic
engeneering corporations are vying for the territory. Cyberfeminism is
knowlege. Cyberfeminism is activism.

There's a new Bush in town, he's a cunt....we're gonna lickya dubya
won't taste good, but you're a nasty offspring of Big Daddy Mainframe and
we want your bush to burn like the old people said it should.

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