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[nettime-see] CFP: Alternative Media Conference in Slovenia

-------- ProslijeÄena poruka --------


Alternative Media and New Public Settings

International conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 13â14, 2006

The Peace Institute, Institute for Contemporary Social and Political
Studies, Ljubljana, together with the Slovenian Communication
Association, Ljubljana, and Masaryk University, Brno will hold an
international conference to discuss how new media development has
influenced the terrain for alternative media use in its relation to
citizensâ empowerment. Activisms that have mobilized citizens in new,
post-Westphalian settings can nowadays hardly be imagined without the
potential of new media communication, i.e. digital coordination and
practice. Alternative and counter-active engagement brings forward both
alternative media use and transformed public spaces. While new media
praxis is seen as an empowerment of citizensâ potential for public
action and an arena to offer alternative media-making as compared to
mass mediated frameworks, alternative media power to create or trigger
engagement is also criticized as limited. What are alternative media
potentials/limits and how are they related to citizenship? What are
their practices in comparison to mass media news repertoire? Can global
issues (environmentalism, migration, wars etc.) mobilize vital energies
in various local and transnational public settings? Original papers
locating and tracing theoretical claims and/or practical, empirical
application of alternative media in relation to new public settings are
welcome to be submitted. 

Selected papers will be considered for publication.

Deadline for abstracts: April 25, 2006

Deadline for papers: September 5, 2006

Please send inquiries to:

Dr. Mojca Pajnik 
E.mail: mojca.pajnik@mirovni-institut.si, mpajnik@yahoo.com

Peace Institute,  
Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies 
Metelkova 6, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia 
Tel.: +386 1 234 77 20 
Fax.: +386 1 234 77 22


Dr. Andrej Pinter 
E.mail: andrej.pinter@guest.arnes.si

UP ZRS Science and Research Center of Koper,  
University of Primorska 
Garibaldijeva 1, 6000 Koper, Slovenia 
Tel.: +386 5 66 37 700  
Fax.: +386 5 66 37 710

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