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[nettime-see] HAIP - Cyberpipe__Ljubljana

June 16 - 19
Kiberpipa vabi na HAIP v Ljubljano, pricne se ze jutri in traja do 
sobote zvecer.


Candida TV, Rim
Hackitectura, Barcelona
Kosmoplovci, Beograd
La Menagerie, Toulouse
Ljudmila, Ljubljana
Loca Records, Brighton
Mama, Zagreb
Monteparadiso Hacklab, Pula
Slo-tech, Ljubljana
Daniel Fisher, Weimar
Logik/VJ22, Ljubljana
Dekaos Experimental Production, Ljubljana
Neven Korda, Ljubljana
Alex Mclean, London
Borut Savski, Ljubljana
Grzesiek Sedek, Varšava, London
Miha Tomšič aka MD Mikka, Ljubljana
Gven Taylor, Ljubljana
dr. Melita Zajc, Ljubljana

right about now::
HAIP is a gathering of individuals and groups who, with their 
activities, treat technology, which is all around us and an inevitable 
part of our lives, critically. For the most part, they use free 
technology, be it a practical or an ideological choice. The use of free 
technology anticipates social relations, which some individuals see as 
cybercommunism, and others as just another kind of Utopia. But there 
exists an evolutionary current that deals with past acts of humankind, 
which lives from conscious and unconscious lapses and strives for 
equality generated by social globalization and not the globalization of 
capital. The harsh perfectionism of the overdeveloped Western world and 
the ideology of consumerism have been dominating end users, especially 
those that only care for the technology to work. For them, it's 
important to eat and not what to eat. If people manage to reflect from 
time to time upon what they eat; that is to reflect upon how they 
communicate, who tells them how to connect, interact, protest or 
participate, they will quickly find out that it is their time to act and 
they have to decide for or against it. They still do. More and more.

Creative practices that stem from technology, infotainment, 
entertainment, politics and art, tell about the various choices and 
possibillities that an individual has. Technology does not make problems 
only for the experts to solve, and the social rights are not reserved 
only for the political elite. Everyone is included in the social evolution.

HAIP presents individuals that change roles and are artists by need, 
computer scientists by education and detonators rather than passive 
observers by social activity.

Workshops, discussions and presentations will be about:

     * production (what it means to produce, use, create and work with 
free software tools)
     * selection (contents, meaning, concepts and contexts that 
contribute to the final significance of some product or work)
     * authorial/authors' rights and copy rights in virtual worlds 
(presentation, use, application, possibilities and consequences of 
authorial rights . GPL, Creative Commons etc. in the context of audio 
and video production)
     * representation (the means of representation or presentation of 
various topics, what forms of presentations are most effective; the 
importance of internet and PCs; international integrations and 
presentations in an international environment, over the internet as well 
as live...)
     * distribution (how and where to distribute your works; what kinds 
of distribution are possible under GPL or Creative Commons authorial 
rights; what is direct and what peer2peer distribution; what it means to 
publish your work on the internet and how it is made as well as how to 
make it live streaming...)

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