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[Nettime-ro] Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) Op-Ed Writing

*Apologies for cross-posting. The following webinar might be of interest
to nettime-ro members. Please share widely.*

Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies is offering a free post-conference
webinar on op-ed writing on September 23:

This webinar is included in the registration for CUNY Graduate School of
Journalism conference (August 31 - September 1)

*What will you learn in this webinar?*

   - Why are op-eds important for academics and public intellectuals?
   - Is academic branding important for op-eds in mass media?
   - How can you best garner attention from press outlets and fellow
   citizens alike?

When: *Saturday, September 23, 2017* (*11:30am EDT / 8:30am WDT)*

Where: *Online*
More on op-ed writing in our 4-hr conference workshop:

*Optional: Participants may submit op-eds to Josh Nathan & editorial board
beforehand for one-on-one feedback following the webinar (3 independent
reviews of one op-ed will be provided). Editorial staff fee applies. *
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