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[Nettime-ro] Salzburg Summer Academy: Call for applications

Photo: Ruth Ehrmann.
Salzburg Summer Academy: Call for applicationsSalzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts 
Apply now
21 July â 30 August 2014
T +43 662 842113
About the Summer Academy Programme
The 2014 Summer Academy offers 21 courses of between one and 
four weeksâ18 in Hohensalzburg Fortress, one in the Kiefer quarry in 
FÃrstenbrunn and two in temporary venues in the city.
How does the world come into the picture? *
This is the motto of the Summer Academyâs widely varied programme. It 
deals with the particular ability of the fine arts to generate âimagesâ 
of the increasingly impenetrable world, both of its superficial outward 
appearance and of social and political conditions.
ThusAmelie von Wulffen begins her course with the question of how artists appropriate the world, and how it then develops into a picture, and Norbert Bisky investigates the relation between perception and image-finding. Together with his students, Doug Ashford carries out research and practical experiment on the nature of human 
life, bodies and politics. By establishing direct on-site collaboration, Tobias Zielony concentrates specifically on the use of photography to show the life-worlds of young people.
Whatâs new in 2014?
For the first time, the Summer Academy offers a course in The Art of Writing, with art historian, critic and writer Jennifer Allen. Since the Summer Academy programme opened up to include further 
artistic disciplines, starting with curatorial practice, this is a 
logical continuation.
CinÃma copains (Arne Hector/Minze Tummescheit) 
demonstrate how artists today can work with analogue film in their own 
dark-room, showing a method developed by artists in recent years 
parallel to the disappearance of analogue film. Robert KuÅmirowski will direct the Summer Academyâs first course in the genre âPublic 
Artâ; students will move around in the city from a âhome baseâ, 
exploring possible and impossible ways to realise both collaborative and individual projects. In another âfirstâ, Olga Chernysheva andAnna Jermolaewa together with their students, will work closely with the curators in Anders Kreugerâs course, and reflect on how pictures function and what they signify. 
They will also collaborate in mounting a final presentation.
The programme approaches topical questions of contemporary art, 
curating and writing about art. The course subjects, the techniques 
taught and the teaching methods are widely diverse, but the link between them is the quest for contemporaneity â examining current aesthetic, political, social â and thus artistic â questions, and for new forms of expression.
* The title of Amelie von Wulffenâs course
Teaching artists in 2014
Nancy Adajania, Jennifer Allen, Doug Ashford, Kader Attia, Sarnath 
Banerjee, Norbert Bisky, Olga Chernysheva/Anna Jermolaewa, cinÃma 
copains (Arne Hector/Minze Tummescheit), Charlotte Cullinan, Adriana 
Czernin, Felix Gmelin, Ellen Harvey, Anders Kreuger, Robert KuÅmirowski,
 Peter Niedertscheider, Lukas Pusch, Lucy Sarneel, Elisabeth Schmirl, 
Paolo Woods, Amelie von Wulffen, Tobias Zielony
See here detailed description of the courses and biographies of the teaching artists.
Regular application
The Salzburg Summer Academy is open to anyone interested. The high 
quality of the courses is guaranteed by the requirement that all 
prospective participants must apply for acceptance. On the basis of the 
submitted dossier, the teaching artists select participants. The fees 
are between 440.- and 1,160.- EUR, depending on the duration of the 
course. Students are entitled to a reduced fee. All application received
 by 15 May 2014 will be treated equally. Later 
applications are welcome, and will be processed in the order received, 
according to vacancies in the courses.
More info
The Summer Academy offers numerous grants, covering tuition fee to participate in one of the courses. Application deadline 1 April 2014.
More info
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