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[Nettime-ro] Exapozitia Haunting Monumentality la Plan B Berlin

Galeria Plan B  
 Haunting Monumentality

Imre Bukta, Istvan Csakany, Thobias Faldt, Janos Fodor, 
Adam Kokesch,
Little Warsaw, Svatopluk Mikyta, Tamas St.Turba, 
Miklos Suranyi
Curated by: Aron FenyvesiOpening: Friday June 22, 18 - 22 h 
June 22 - August 4, 2012
Tuesday - Saturday, 12 - 18 h
Strasse 77 - 87. 10785 BerlinÂ
Galeria Plan B is pleased to announce the opening of the group exhibition
Haunting Monumentality, curated byÂthe Budapest based curator Aron
Fenyvesi. Â
Haunting Monumentality is a group show which examines the relation of
contemporary object-based art practices with monumentality, and the notion
of the monument. The exhibited works rooted in conceptualism and
neo-conceptualism recreate a connection with sensuality. This is an
important feature not only because the so called âsensual
conceptualismâ (a definition used by the Hungarian art critique Gabor
Andrasi in the early 90âs) could be understood as a new local
tradition of Hungarian, and in a broader sense, Eastern European art, but
this tendency might also bear the potential to surpass the increasingly
static aesthetics of political and critical art, which depends too much on
the notion of the document and on the didactic use of the documentary as
The art practices of the exhibited artists analyze the function of memory
and the way in which it becomes manifest in space. Considering that all the
exhibited artworks question the existence of a collective memory based on
consensus, they ultimately evince that, without the latter, monuments become
vehicles of the hysteria of history.Tackling the visual
aspects of monuments results in various manipulation strategies and
interventions on the monumental form, which thus becomes an ephemeral,
ghostly presence reenacting the function of the monument.
Manipulation and irony become central to the exhibition. In the
conceptual works on show such as Tamas St.Turbaâs Centaurâs and
Imre Buktaâs photographs, or in the manipulated objets trouves of
Janos Fodor and Svatopluk Mikyta, everyday objects of mass production become
absurd uniqalias and mini-monuments.
The recontextualising practices of Little Warsaw and Istvan Csakany have
a more obvious relation with the history of monuments which they document
and manipulate in order to represent the degree to which their functions are
These aforementioned tendencies also have a common denominator with
contemporary photography concentrating on meta-narrative structures. The
latter are edited and manipulated documents of temporary scenes and nuances
monumentalized by Miklos Suranyiâs and Thobias Faldtâs still
Adam Kokeschâs geometrical abstract art based on unique objects
could also be understood as an excavation in the forms of modernism, and in
the aesthetics of science, as the artist is analyzing and manipulating the
viewersâ sub-level perception.
These rather individual art practices are combined together in the
exhibition not only from a thematic standpoint but also on another practical
basis: the group show is dedicated to artists who participated in
exhibitions at Trafo Gallery during the past year. This horizon is also
expanded with important figures of the Hungarian conceptual art scene.
For more information about the exhibition, please contact the gallery at
+49.172.3210711 or contact@plan-b.ro.

Galeria Plan B

Str. Henri
Barbusse 59-61
400616 Cluj
Tel +40.740.658555
 Â Germany:
Potsdamer Strasse 77-87
10785 Berlin

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