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Date: Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 12:01 AM
Subject: Survey_Venice Biennale_National participations

       Dear friends!

Curatorial collective of the Central Asia pavilion addressed several
question on the issue of national participation at the Venice Biennale to
international art professionals.

Please read the experts' answers here: (English) (Russian)

The questions were answered by:

Beral Madra, advising curator of the Azerbaijan pavilion (2011), curator of
the Central Asia pavilion (2009)
Viktor Misiano, curator of the Russian pavilion (1995, 2003), Central Asia
pavilion (2005)
Boris Groys, curator of the Russian pavilion (2011)
Stefan Rusu, one of the initiators of the campaign GHOST-PAVILION of Moldova
Alevtina Kahidze, participant of the Morocco pavilion (2011)
Ekaterina Degot, curator of the Russian pavilion (2001)
Preston Thayer, art critic and commentator
Zeigam Azizov, participant of the Azerbaijan pavilion (2011)
Nazareth Karoyan, curator of the Armenian pavilion (2011)

CAP team

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