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[Nettime-ro] ARTA LA PERETE #10 cu Adina Zorzini : MARIA DINULESCU unleashed (joi 23 iunie / ora 20.00 la Other Side / Expirat Club)

Maria Dinulescu was trained at the National University of Cinema and Drama
in Bucharest, Romania where she obtained a diploma in “Acting”. She has a
master in Japanese theater and culture, theatre-dance, ancient theatre.
Her cinematographic work includes productions in Czech Republic, Holland,
Belgium, and Poland.

She came to the audience attention in 2003 when one of the first shorts she
played in, "Traffic", won the Golden Palm in Cannes.
The feature, which brought her back to Cannes, was "California Dreamin'
(endless)", the Un Certain Regard winner of 2007.
Maria had seven leading roles among the 12 long features in which she
starred and played also in several television series.
Maria subsequently worked with Adrian Sitaru on his debut feature "Hooked",
which had its world premiere at the 65th Venice Film Festival; her
performance was described by Hollywood Reporter and Variety as being
"bewitching and bubbly (in a difficult role)” and also was appreciated with
the Best Actress Award in Thessaloniki Film Festival (2008) and in Buenos
Aires Film Festival (2009).
“Monica” from the movie “California Dreamin’ (endless)” brought to Maria the
recognition as the Best Actress in BIAF Georgia and Arte Mare from France.
Last but not least, she has played in more than 10 successful shorts
fictions, in commercials and in video-clips.
Maria Dinulescu starred in Depeche Mode last video “Peace”.
The Romanian version of the “In Treatment” HBO series, brings Maria in front
of the audience as “Laura”.
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