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[Nettime-ro] CHIOSC - launch of FLAT SPACE by Stefan RUSU

Moldova Young Artists Association "Oberliht"
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The CHIOSC project
cultural info-point - platform for public participation

- flee market
- launch of FLAT SPACE project, by  Stefan RUSU

October 31, 2009, 2 pm
Bucuresti str. 68/1, Chisinau

download the press release at:

a project by Oberliht Association
project director, curator - Vladimir US
contact: info(la)oberliht.org.md

October 31, 2009, 2 pm

CHIOÈ?C project â?? BucureÈ?ti str. 68/1, Chisinau

Saturday, October 31st, 2009, Oberliht Association invites you to the
launch of the FLAT SPACE / APARTAMENT DESCHIS project (designed by
Stefan RUSU).

This event will be preceded by the Flee Market public action. Feel
free to bring with you forgotten and old objects (books, magazines,
tapes, CDs and other stuff) that carry cultural or artistic value,
which you would like to reinsert in circuit. You are invited to sell
them, distribute, share or exchange.

Everybody is welcome starting with 2 pm!

The point of departure for the design of the FLAT SPACE/APARTAMENT
DESCHIS project was to publically display the private space of a flat
that represents the standard for socialist residential architecture,
which still continues to be a strong visual element within the
contemporary urban and social landscape of East European countries.
Originally the project was conceived as a structure with multiple
meanings and functions. Given that architecture comes with a specific
kind of well-defined functionality and aesthetics, I was initially
concerned with overcoming the idea of fixed functionality.

This choice to replicate an apartment is informed by my interest in
the spaces and contexts that define this region and community, which
have emerged in their current form as a result of socialist
modernization. The entire society of the MSSR (Moldavian Soviet
Socialist Republic) adapted to Soviet social standardsâ??including the
ideal of creating a new man and the cultivation of values that
underscored the family as the building blocks of a homogeneous
society. The designers and architects carried that policy forward, and
thus typified habitats were created, in which a man and his family
would live productively.

Another aspect motivating the project is an increasing factor of local
gastarbeiters who work temporarily (some of them legally, but most of
them illegally) either in Russia or in EU countries (Spain, Italy,
Portugal, etc.). This employment situation is very common among the
populations of other East European countries, and it drives the
tendency of such workers to have a higher social status and possess
their own living space in the city, regardless of size. For most of
the population acquiring a flat is the most efficient financial
investment they can make, and it rapidly become a sign of economic
stability in the post-transition period.

The FLAT SPACE/APARTAMENT DESCHIS project is a functional replica of a
one-room apartment that comprises the basic components of a typical
socialist living space: the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room,
and the balcony. The transparency and openness of the structure is an
important feature of the project, since the apartment has no external
walls (with the exception of the façade), and the flat interior is
exposed to the public. The furniture and other installments in the
apartment are directly on the floor as a technical sketch.

The project is a sample of architecture born from urban planningâ??a
living area extracted from a typified socialist building block and
placed in public space, where it will function as an open space/
platform. Finally, the primary material for the FLAT SPACE project was
the reinforced concrete used in the fabrication of typified
blockhouses. Although many modern technologies and materials were
equally common in the socialist and capitalist systems, concrete and
metal rebar were widely used in both Eastern and Western societies
during the period of post-war modernisation.

(Stefan RUSU)


Stefan RUSU (born in 1964, Kâietu, Moldova, artist and curator based
in Chisinau and Bucharest).

His artist and curatorial agenda is closely connected to undergoing
processes and changes occurred in the post-socialist societies before
and after 1989 Rusu was trained as visual artist and later extended
his practice to curating, managing and fundraising projects, editing
TV programs, producing experimental films, TV reports and
documentaries. In 2005/2006 he attended the Curatorial Training
Program at Stichting De Appel from Amsterdam where he co-curated
Mercury in Retrograde (http://www.mercuryinretrograde.org)


CHIOSC project â?? BucureÅ?ti str. 68/1, Chisinau


STATE of EMERGENCY magazine, Chisinau http://staredeurgenta.blogspot.com
Vizura Aperta, Zagreb http://www.rhiz.eu/institution-12943-en.html
Slobodne Veze, Zagreb http://www.rhiz.eu/institution-29115-en.html
Studio Young Artists Association, Budapest http://studio.c3.hu
Center for Contemporary Art, Kiev
UNAgaleria, Bucharest http://unagaleria.blogspot.com
AREA Chicago http://www.areachicago.org


Vladimir US â?? project director
tel: + /373 22/ 286317

The CHIOÅ?C project, a cultural info-point and a public platform for
participation is being launched in the city of Chisinau. It has been
conceived in a complex social and political context that marks the
period of transition, with the intention to promote contemporary art
and youth culture in public space by contaminating the urban territory
with relevant information. It is meant to encourage active
participation of diverse social groups representing often marginalized
or less visible domains by putting at their disposal a public platform
for manifestation, to strengthen local and develop regional and
international network of cultural operators and professionals, to
influence the existing public policies and local authorities to extend
the access to public space and allow itâ??s less restricted usage.

This project intends to present the diversity and richness of various
art practices carried out in different parts of European continent,
thus one of its objectives is to invite artists, theorists, cultural
workers to participate in CHIOÅ?Câ??s activities with exhibitions,
workshops, screenings, talks etc.

The FLAT SPACE/APARTAMENT DESCHIS project is a functional replica of a
socialist apartment designed by Stefan RUSU commissioned to represent
the identity of CHIOSC project.

The point of departure for the design of the FLAT SPACE/APARTAMENT
DESCHIS project was to publically display the private space of a flat
limited by the standards of the socialist society, which still is a
strong visual element within the contemporary urban and social
landscape of East European countries.

The transparency and the openness of the flat give the exposure to an
architectural model extracted from the flat building that is composed
from few basic elements characteristic to societies in transitions:
the main façade with a balcony covered with plastic windows, dining
room, kitchen and bathroom. The balcony is a key element, which will
function as a cultural info point and will distribute information with
cultural content. The rest of the space that is exposed to the public
will bear a multifunctional character and will serve as an open
platform for public presentations and cultural events.

The CHIOÈ?C project includes the results of the INTERVENTIONS3 project
realized in 2008:

The CHIOÈ?C project receives support from the European Cultural
Foundation, Cultural Department of the city of Chisinau, Center and
Buiucani districts of city of Chisinau, Latin Union (Republic of
Moldova office), Romanian Cultural Institute through CANTEMIR Program
(2008), CEC ArtsLink, Gulliver Connect, French Alliance Moldova and
Henkel Romania.

Vladimir US

CHIOSC   |   director de proiect


Proiectul CHIOSC este realizat cu suportul financiar al Fundatiei
Culturale Europene http://www.eurocult.org

Asociatia Tinerilor Plasticieni din Moldova "Oberliht"
Moldova Young Artists Association "Oberliht"
tel/fax:	+ (373 22) 286317
mob:	+ (373) 69 171010
email: 	vladimir@oberliht.org.md
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