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[Nettime-ro] AVion 15: SKINNY PATRINI (PL), live @ Control Club, 15 Oct., 23:00

AVion 15: SKINNY PATRINI (PL), live
@ Control Club, 15 Oct., 23:00

Ion & Vali â DJ set

Entrance: 15 Ron

Event organized by
AVmotional Platform & Polish Institute in Bucharest

For the first time in Romania
@ AVion_15, Skinny Patrini will present their debut album "Duty Free"
released in Poland
on the 11th of November 2008 which has already gained lots of positive reviews.

Skinny Patrini are aÂbrilliant and enormously productive duo created by
Anna Patrini and Michael âSkinnyâ Skorka.

Itâs difficult to tag their music. What you can find is
rough post-punk, dirty electro clash or even mysterious melodies from neo-cold
wave circles.

They are a musical and visual phenomenon, often compared to
such stars as Peaches and IAMX. And they fall very high within these comparisons. 


http://www.myspace. com/skinnypatrin ielectroduo

http://www.lastfm. pl/music/ Skinny+Patrini


DELICIOUS: http://www.youtube.
com/watch? v=-aOR358jAik

SWITCH OFF: http://www.youtube.
com/watch? v=wWRBATxIH5I

EVENING DRESS: http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=r6sxMdi3cmc


Polonez, Control

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