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Re: [Nettime-ro] Bienala de Prosti\tuti\e Contemporana

Subject: Re: [Nettime-ro] Razvan Ion - Bienala de Prosti\tuti\e Contemporana
From:   	"Eugen Radescu" <eradescu@pavilionmagazine.org>
Date:   	Fri, May 15, 2009 8:14 am

sa te repeti pe listele de discutie numai si numai cu apelative

Deoarece tu si Razvan Ion numai si numai si numai si numai si numai
lucrurile acestea le cititi si intelegeti nu inseamna ca realitatea este numai si numai aceasta.

'Decenta' voastra neo-comunista este numai si numai o iluzie prin care va ascundeti precum si aceea pe care o descrieti in scrisori deschise fara numai si numai 'bun simt'
adresate numai si numai celor care va mentin existenta de paraziti.

In other words, sinteti numai si numai niste ipocriti inconstienti
precum celor de care va plingeti.

Fire your pitiful parasitical selves first, stop being the concubines
of those you pretend to oppose and maybe you'll make some sense.

In the interim ... learn to understand and 'speak'

daunatoare minimei decente

minima decenta aka coruptia [TM - ROMANIA]

ce ti-a mai ramas si
sfidand inteligenta care sa te defineasca drept fiinta umana si nu un
pitecantrop obosit

este lamentabil.


cam astea sunt cele cateva cuvinte pe care le stii.

Dupa cum ti-am spus: Lasa refrenul neo-comunist - Cel mai tare, cel mai mare si ce mult stii tu.

de ani de zile iti versi nimicnicia pe aceasta lista
este jenant si obositor.
inclusiv abordarea tuturor intr-o engleza de cartier
inseamna ca decenta te-a parasit
frustrarea este atributul tau, draga domnule.

De ani de zile esti intretinut de cei de care tu si ultra- inconstientul Razvan Ion
va tot plingeti cu lacrimi de paraziti

Pe cind sinteti reflectia intima a celor care va mentin existenta

am inteles demult ca esti un nimeni,
insa, pentru numele post-comunismului tau, lasa-ne!

Lasa neo-comunismul - Vorbeste pt. tine

Nimeni nu este nimeni.

Cind o sa intelegi ca acest lucru
o sa intelegi ca intelegind acest lucru
nu mai esti nimeni  (draga neocomunistule)

oameni ca tine traiesc degeaba. doar deranjand nu te poti inhaita la
invata limba romana
invata limba engleza.

invata ce este decenta,
si apoi cu drag te citesc pe nettime...

Citeste  ...

Daca ai vreo idee pe ce lume traiesti.
For the time being you and Razvan Ion are the quintessence of neo- communist degeneracy, ie:

One dimensional. Unconscious. Corrupt.

Citeste ... si lasa stiinta ta de aparante

@ ISEA 2009  \ Etichete pt. neo-comunisti

Submission ID: zkIT+z
Author 1
  Name: Fat Frumos
Author 2
  Name: Ileana Cosinzeana
  Org: 0f0003


\\ BALKAN.OS - Beyond Democracy and the Nation State

This paper presents Balkan.OS, a cosmological, autopoietic, poly-scalar,
trans-territorial, global governance system that supplants the democratic
nation state model and introduces a valuation and fiscal paradigm that
mitigates the devaluation and desacralization of the human experience
characteristic of communism and capitalism.

Within this context we will examine the connections between the collapse
of the world's empires into discrete nation states by advancement of the
cultural and ethnic consciousness of groups of people, the crisis of the
nation state model brought about by the transcendental forces of religion, global trade, communication, and technology, and the failure of communism in the 1980's realized through the massive deregulation of the capitalist financial markets, the echoes of which today, are shaking the very foundations
of capitalism, and the free-market model.

The question is not whether the abstract, imaginary concept of the nation state is mutating, but rather what that mutation is, and importantly, what we wish it
to be, and the implications thereof.

|| The fallacy of a supra-statist government

The prevailing western dynamic for global governance is the enforced progression from a planet of sovereign nation states, to a planet governed by a global scale,
supra-statist world government, dominated by economically developed
nations, with a mandate for advancing democracy, free markets, free trade,
and a homogenous, modern identity modeled on western ideals.

Rather than transcend socio-economic and cultural borders and
instill an appreciation of common aspirations and sensibilities through
careful consideration of regional context, this authoritarian approach has had devastating results, as noted in the forced modernization of rural communities
during communism, and again, during accession to the European Union.

The age old traditions and customs that are integral to the very
identity and survival of these communities are routinely outlawed, forbidden,
deemed backwards and anti-social, and ultimately incompatible with
progress and Western democracy.

The idea that global concerns can be mitigated by a supra-statist world government is perpetuated by the fallacy that the law backed by a monopoly on force alters human
behaviour in a meaningful and sustainable manner.

|| Balkan.OS

We adopt the view that the creation of a viable and sustainable global union
is contingent upon an evolution of our collective consciousness.

Modern democracy has produced a high level of individuation and personal freedom, but in the process has lost touch with our larger sense of purpose and connectedness.
It has reached an evolutionary impasse.

In order to advance to the next stage in our collective evolution, we must transcend the exclusive pronoun "I" and the similarly limited concept of the nation state, and embrace a global sensibility, awareness and higher order consciousness that will budge the social, cultural and ecological dimensions of the global collective toward an appreciation of our shared purpose and circumstances.

We must transcend the politics of division, forced assimilation and large scale, vertical solutions, to an emphatic horizontal flow, diversity and communality, reciprocal understanding and small scale creation, intrinsic of all life.

Balkan.OS presents a supra-individualist, socio-economic, global governance system that foregoes the hierarchical, authoritarian model advanced by Western democracies and dispels its contingency upon the destruction of our differences and assimilation
into a homogenous global identity.

It extrapolates the small scale globally whilst retaining its integrity and dignity, and leverages the richness of our diversity and regional customs into an autopoietic,
poly-scalar, poly-temporal, trans-territorial continuum.

In doing so it intimates the path across the solipsistic gulf to a higher unity,
not to lose ourselves, but to find ourselves.

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