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[Nettime-ro] Takeaway Festival of Do-It-Yourself Media

I am writing to invite you to this year’s Takeaway Festival of Do-It- Yourself Media May 19-21 with a host of new exhibits and interactives on until May 30.


This year we have been even more ambitious in the programme so that it includes an international exhibition of artists’ work hosted at the ScienceMuseum’s Dana Centre. I know you will also want to participate in the two evenings of talks and discussion looking at collaboration and knowledge networks and the challengespresented as we consider the way technology is continuing to open out access to knowledge in unexpected ways.

I hope you will come and contribute to these discussions in the usual lively and friendly atmosphere. We also delighted to have a full programme of performances including Raw Metal by the Bulb Collective.

To book:
Call 020 7942 4040 or e-mail tickets@danacentre.org.uk

We are pleased to be able once again to provide free workshops on iPhone apps, Textpattern for zines, video for Flash/web and Arduino with RFID

Please see fuller details below. Please book places for the events as soon as you can as places are limited.
*NB Workshops cannot be booked in advance

I look forward to welcoming you to the 4th Takeaway Festival of DIY Media

Yours sincerely
Richard Colson
Takeaway Festival of DIY Media May 19 - 30 Dana Centre, Science Museum
Reader Art and Digital Media Practice, Thames Valley University
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