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[Nettime-ro] SYNCHRONI-CITIES>>>call for PLAYING

call for playing*

*subscribe starting July 22nd on www.synchroni-cities.net
play July 22nd  -- October 22nd*

/Ever tried to make it to a friend following his instructions? "Go 
there... turn left... turn right... hey look up it's me in the 
window..."/ /Ever had the feeling that the trajectory so clear to your 
friend was in fact very very ambiguous and you could reach several 
different endpoints following the very same trail of instructions?/

This is exactly what Synchoni-Cities is about: we know instructions are 
ambiguous and we want you to make the most out of this.

So pick a trail. Follow it, and take some pictures or even videos on 
your way. Upload and compare them to trails done by others.. and wonder 
how people could get in all those different places following the very 
same instructions. Rate the trails you like. Your trails will be rated, 
too. Win a prize. Then do one more trail.

*Synchroni-cities is a game about finding similar places in different 
cities. It's about ways to go.*

*Make a choice on every corner!

*with contributions from *artists*:
Darina Alster (CZ)
Mircea Nicolae (RO)
Lenny Oplasma (RO)
Agnieszka Pokrywka (D)
Johanna Strizkova (CZ)
Istvan Szakats (RO)

developed by AltArt (www.altart.org) in partnership with:
TMA - Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau (Hellerau, DE, www.body-bytes.de)
CIANT - International Centre for Arts and New Technologies (Prague, CZ, 
Atrakt Art (Bratislava, SK, www.atrakt-art.sk)

with the support of:
Romanian Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs - 2008 European Year 
of Intercultural Dialogue
European Union, Education and Culture DG - Lifelong Learning Programme
AltArt Foundation
Binar Centre: Str. Universitatii 2, Cluj, Romania
tel/fax +40 264 598534
mob +40 723 263072

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