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[Nettime-ro] Eugen Radescu at ArtsLink

Eugen Radescu at ArtsLink Residencies Program

Eugen Radescu, the co-director of Bucharest Binnale, co-editor of  
Pavilion magazine and chairman of the board of Pavilion UniCredit  
(center for contemporary art & culture) was accepted as an ArtsLink  

The residency will take place at Apex Art, New York, between October  
13 - November 23, 2008 (

ArtsLink Residencies places artists and arts managers from Eastern and  
Central Europe, Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus - ArtsLink  
Fellows - at US arts organizations for five-week residencies. Host  
organizations are selected by CEC staff from an application process  
open to non-profit organizations from all fifty US states.

Eugen Radescu has brought together an accomplished set of  
international artists as participants. He is also co-founder and co- 
editor of Pavilion magazine and has written and lectured on  
contemporary art and new media for Russian and European audiences.  
During his residency, he would be involved in organizing art events,  
working with editorial teams, documenting exhibitions, and researching  
the social and political realities of the US and attending lectures  
given by cultural managers and theoreticians.

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