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[Nettime-ro] Launch of Electric Palm Tree, 15 May 2008, Amsterdam

A public lecture by Philippe Rekacewicz on the
occasion of the launch of
Electric Palm Tree

Thursday 15 May 2008, 17.00 hrs
Felix Meritis, Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam
In the context of a two-evenings public program of
Fonds BKVB's
Intendant Cultural Diversity project, entitled "6(0)

Philippe Rekacewicz, a geographer and cartographer for
Le Monde
diplomatique and the United Nations Environment
(UNEP/Grid-Arendal in Norway), will question the
position of cartography,
between its long standing role as an instrument of
power in the sphere of
world representation and its capacity for subversive
imagination and
action, analyzing common strategies of map-drawing and
contemporary art in
dealing with the visible, the potential and the

Philippe Rekacewicz will also hold a workshop at 14.00
hrs, on the same
day, developing an in-depth, critical and playful
examination of these
issues, with a group of local artists, intellectuals
and activists. If you
are interested in the workshop, please write us at:

This program also marks the launch of Electric Palm
Tree, a long-term
project for artistic and intellectual practice that
focuses on issues of
co-existence and the politics of culture in the
current global society.
The lecture will be preceded by a short introduction
of Electric Palm Tree
by the curators Kyongfa Che, Binna Choi and Cosmin

During 2008 and 2009, Electric Palm Tree is supported
by Fonds BKVB within
its project Intendant Cultural Diversity. For further
information on
Intendant Cultural Diversity and the events "6(0)
Ways...", organized by
the other project-teams on the 15th and 16th of May,
please visit


Electric Palm Tree is a circuit that connects
different forms of artistic and intellectual practice
from various parts of the world, and aims at a modest
but determined engagement with the issue of
co-existence and the politics of culture in the
current global society.

Electric Palm Tree is being shaped by the urgent need
for constructive political imagination and by the
crises in the discourse around subjectivities,
identities, cultures, and their various forms of
interaction and representation. Electric Palm Tree is
also responsive to the localized crisis of imagining
formats and positions throughout the globally
expanding art scene.

More specifically, Electric Palm Tree works in the
long term to introduce and connect data, thought,
inquiries and experiments from curious, suspicious and
imaginative minds, while occasionally setting up
grounds for activities such as exhibitions, lectures,
workshops or other kinds of public events and

Just like the playfulness, absurdity and solitary air
floating around the blinking electric palm trees
appearing but simultaneously disappearing in many
parts of the globe, Electric Palm Tree takes a journey
into the dynamics of cultural movements and shifts
that are taken for granted, unvoiced or yet to be

Please feel invited to seek further information or
involvement by writing us at:  HYPERLINK
Also visit the Electric Palm Tree website  HYPERLINK

Electric Palm Tree is curated by Binna Choi, Kyongfa
Che and Cosmin Costinas.

During the period of 2008 and 2009 Electric Palm Tree
is supported by Fonds BKVB.

Electric Palm Tree public activities
(May—September 2008)

15 May, Felix Meritis, Amsterdam
workshop with and lecture by Philippe Rekacewicz on
the politics of cartography, as part of the resource
building operation of Electric Palm Tree

15—22 June, Cubitt, London
an Electric Palm Tree side-process, involving a series
of happenings and non-happenings with artists,
designers, musicians, curators and theorists
reflecting on the conditions of discourse production
and congregation

21—29 September, Jogja National Museum,
gathering of artists and intellectuals from Indonesia
and abroad, pooling and formatting resources for an
exhibition at Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam in
March 2008

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