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[Nettime-ro] OUTPOST FOR CONTEMPORARY ART presents:Ukrainian Citizens, Neighbors, and Strangers<>
March 4, 2008


(1) *Ukrainian Citizens, Neighbors, and Strangers,* a video screening
including short-form work by Vika Begalska, Veaceslav Druta, Adam Frelin,
Tim Hyde, Gleb Katchuk + Olga Kashimbeckova, Yuriy Kruchak, R.E.P Group,
Stefan Rusu, and Lesja Zajac + Olexander Gnilitsky.

(2) An informal opportunity to meet our visiting artists, Lesja Zajac and
Olexander Gnilitsky (a.k.a.The Institution of Unstable Thoughts), and
discuss work-in-progress, followed by a more formal presentation by Richard
D. Anderson, Jr., Associate Professor of Political Science, UCLA.
*Ukrainian Citizens, Neighbors, and Strangers*
Friday, March 7, 8 pm
hosted by Echo Park Film

Image: Veaceslav Druta
video still from "Kernels of Corn"

This screening has been organized to coincide with Olexander Gnilitsky's and
Lesja Zajac's six week residency in Los Angeles. It attempts to enhance
understanding and appreciation of contemporary life and art in Ukraine by
putting Gnilitsky's and Zajac's video work in context with other Ukrainian
artists (Vika Begalska, Gleb Katchuk + Olga Kashimbeckova, Yuriy Kruchak,
R.E.P Group). The screening also includes two artists from Moldova
(Veaceslav Druta and Stefan Rusu), a country that shares a Soviet past and
is experiencing similar cultural, political, and social transition. As well,
to offer a comparative perspective from the position of outsiders, two U.S.
artists (Tim Hyde and Adam Frelin) who shot work in Ukraine and Belarus are
also included. video

Hosted by Echo Park Film
1200 N. Alvarado Street (@ Sunset Blvd)
Los Angeles, CA 90026
$5 admission; members in free
*Open Studio / Presentation*
Sunday, March 9
Open studio -- 2-4 pm
Presentation by Richard D. Anderson, Jr.-- 4 pm

Image: Olexander Gnilitsky

at Outpost for Contemporary Art
6375 North Figueroa Street Get
Los Angeles, CA 90042
Free and open to the public

Since arriving in Los Angeles on February 17, Olexander Gnilitsky has
developed a suite of stunning paintings that capture Los Angeles from the
perspective of a first time visitor to our sprawling metropolis. Images
through windshields, for instance, have provided the frame for several new
works. A very accomplished painter, Gnilitsky's use of oil on canvas is
remarkable. Additionally, Lesja Zajac and Olexander Gnilitsky have been
running a weekly workshop with four local artists, creating new 'records'
for their Visual Vinyl project, which will be performed at Gallery DeSoto on
March 29. This work-in-progress will also be on view during this open

Following the open studio will be a more formal presentation by Associate
Professor of Political Science, UCLA, Richard D. Anderson, Jr., who is
trained as a specialist on Soviet politics and foreign policy. Since the
disintegration of the Soviet Union, Dr. Anderson has studied movements
toward democracy, using linguistics to research how shifts in discourse
either prevent or enable it. This presentation will be followed by an
informal discussion.
Please contact Julie Deamer, Director, Outpost for Contemporary Art, at
(323) 982-9461 or (323) 899-3533 or email for more

Outpost for Contemporary Art's Residency and Exchange programs are made
possible through the generous support of Harpo Foundation, Pasadena Art
Alliance, Peter Norton Family Foundation, and the Trust for Mutual
Understanding, and is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of
Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, with special
thanks to CEC Artslink and Outpost's members and supporters.<>
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