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[Nettime-ro] Invitation: Archive in Residence. Exhibition Opening: March 11, 2008

Archive in Residence
Vienna / Bucharest
March 2008

Ovidiu Anton + David Bosch Pujadas + Michele Bressan + Caecilia Brown + Diana Duta + Gabriele Edlbauer + Irina Gheorghe + Christina Gillinger + Helmut Heiss + Julia Hohenwarter + Phillip Hohenwarter + Katrin Hornek + Catalin Ilie + Cristian Iordache + Elvedin Klacar + Amelie Loy + Teresa Novotny + Ekaterina Obermair + Adrian Parvulescu + Alina Popa + Nora Rekade + Marusa Sagadin + Silvia Sencekova + Larisa Sitar + Gabriel Tempea + Anna Witt + Madalina Zaharia + Hannes Zebedin  

If research on a particular geographic place is done from a distance, with different possibilities and perspectives than at the actual place itself, is this likely to lead to different results? Does a real situation oppose the research that already includes a personal interpretation? Gathering information eventually leads to a personal archive, which creates a basis that enables oneself to rethink, work over or possibly drop the idea for the project realised later in the specific place. In the process of our production these questions will be investigated and worked on. The exchange happens between students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and the National University of Arts in Bucharest. 

Contact: Ovidiu Anton (0676/560 00 34), Julia Hohenwarter (Â julee_ho@gmx.at ), Phillip Hohenwarter, Teresa Novotny ( rhesus00negativ@yahoo.com )  http://www.viennabucharest.blogs.sonance.net/

06.03: 2 - 7.30 pm
Artists on Tour: Participation at the symposium and exhibition â??Traum vom Südenâ??
Gemäldegalerie, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Schillerplatz 3
1010 Vienna

07.03: 8 pm 
Party at the Bildhauereiatelier, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Kurzbauergasse 9
1020 Vienna

08.03: 7 pm 
On Feminism in the Romanian Art Scene
Panel discussion at the International Women's Day 
With: Alexandra Croitoru, Diana Duta, Madalina Zaharia
VBKÃ? - Austrian Association of Women Artists
Maysedergasse 2
1010 Vienna
Tel +43-1-513 64 73 

Our presentation is going to sketch a development of feminist positions that are echoed in the works of Romanian women artists from the 70s to the present day. Feminist discourse followed a slightly different path in Romania (as a former communist country) than it did in all of Western Europe. And this is mostly because before â??89, manifestations and protests of all kinds were totally out of the question for both men and women. It was only in the â??90s that feminist manifestations actually started to be present in the Romanian art scene, as an attempt to keep up with all the politically correct strategies of Western civilization. A softer face of feminism was adopted then, usually inflicted with a personal touch and a search for identity. Today, Romanian women artists are more synchronized with the major international trends and operate in a less militant way, being more concerned with all the clichés about what it means to be a woman in our times. Being able to offer a
 broader range of positions on this subject, women artists now share a greater interest in all the new issues raised by our contemporary society, and have finally left behind the â??sex-warâ??.

11.03: 7 pm
Opening: Archive in Residence 
Exhibition: 12.03 â?? 22.03
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 3 pm - 7 pm
VBKÃ? - Austrian Association of Women Artists
Maysedergasse 2
1010 Vienna
Tel +43-1-513 64 73

Supported by:
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Kulturförderung Appenzell Ausserrhoden
Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen �sterreichs 

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