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[Nettime-ro] ANDREW W. MELLON East-Central European Research FELLOWSHIP 2008/2009

  *ANDREW W. MELLON East-Central European Research FELLOWSHIP 2008/2009*  *
Location:* Austria<http://www.h-net.org/announce/geography.cgi?geography=Austria>
*Fellowship Date:* 2007-12-23  *Date Submitted:* 2007-11-26 *Announcement
ID:* 159592  Fellowship opportunity for younger scholars in senior academic
positions from the following countries:

Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland,
Romania, and Slovakia.


The three-month fellowships are open to all academic disciplines in the
Humanities and Social Sciences and will enable a younger scholar holding a
senior academic position (at least associate professor level) to work on a
research project of her/his choice.

The Mellon Fellows will be invited to spend a three-month term in 2008 or
2009 at the IWM and will receive a stipend to cover all living expenses,
health insurance and incidentials in Vienna.

The IWM will provide an office with a personal computer, access to Internet,
in-house research facilities and other relevant sources in Vienna.

All application details are available on www.iwm.at/fellowships.htm
  Maria Nicklas
Insitut fuer die Wissenschaften vom Menschen
(Institute for Human Sciences)
Spittelauer Laende 3
1090 Vienna
Email: nicklas@iwm.at; fellowships@iwm.at
Visit the website at http://www.iwm.at/fellowships.htm
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