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[Nettime-ro] Anunt rezidente 2008 la Tescani

The National Museum ?George Enescu? ? the department ?Dumitru and Alice Rosetti Tescanu ? George Enescu? and the Swiss Cultural Programme South-East Europe and Ukraine invite writers to apply for residences in May and October 2008.

/ArtistNe(s)t programme 2008 /

*ArtistNe(s)/t/*/ /supports the creative activities of artists and researchers open to innovation and cooperation in the disciplines: visual art, literature, theatre and dance.

*/ArtistNe(s)t/*/ /encourages the dialogue between Romanian and foreign artists.

*Location:* *Tescani* (Bacau County, Romania)//

*Number of residencies:*

4 residencies, 2 in May and 2 in October

*Duration of each residence:*

4 weeks

Period for residences:

May 1 to 31

October 1 to 31

4 writers in residence

*Field: Literature*

*General information:*

The 4 residences in 2008 are addressed to 2 Romanian and 2 foreign* Writers*, so that there will usually be two resident writers in Tescani, one Romanian and one from another country.

The residences allow resident writers:

? to work on a proposed project and to make a presentation at the end of the residence,

?        to become familiar with the work of the other resident writer,

?        to exchange knowledge and ideas,

?        to work on a common project

The resident writers are also offered opportunities to get in contact with the local cultural scene through visits to cultural institutions in the area, meetings with local artists, attending performances, exhibitions etc.* *

* *

Each residence programme will include a reading for the local community.

Two project coordinators and an artistic coach will support these activities.

Criteria of selection:

?        Professional writers with at least three years of experience

? Interest in developing innovative work within a foreign cultural context

? Work/research on the specific local context are particularly welcome**

?        Knowledge of English

* *

*Living and working conditions:*

?        individual studio

?        working space

?        free use of computer and internet

*Financial support:*

Writers will receive:

o a monthly grant of CHF 1200.? for food, local travel and other related costs; this grant is subject to a 16% tax;

o a production budget of CHF 1000.? for the realization and presentation of the proposed project;

o a return ticket from/to the place of the residence (a maximum of 600 CHF for the artists from other countries).

The medical insurance for the time of the residence is in the artist's charge.

Visa costs for Romania are in the artist?s charge.

The resident writers must spend a minimum of 2/3 of the allocated residence time in Tescani.

Application information:

? Application forms are available on the site *www.artistnest.ro <http://www.artistnest.ro/> *or you can get it on request from tescani2001@yahoo.com <mailto:tescani2001@yahoo.com>**

? Applications have to include a proposal for a project to be realised during the residence, the CV and some documentation about the previous work**

? Please mention the period of the residence you apply for (May or October 2008)

?        Application deadline: *11 February 2008* **

? Applications should be sent by post to the address: Muzeul National ?George Enescu? Sectia ?Dumitru si Alice Rosetti-Tescanu? (pentru Gabriela Ilas), Tescani 126, cod 607056, comuna Beresti-Tazlau, judetul Bacau, Romania.


The selection of the artists will be done by a jury formed of Romanian professionals.

*For additional information please contact:*

gabrielailas@yahoo.com <mailto:gabrielailas@yahoo.com>


www.artistnest.ro <http://www.artistnest.ro/>

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