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[Nettime-ro] call for texts // from decentre // deadline november 30

interesant pentru centre de arta initiate de artisti:

from :

decentre is a book about artist-run culture that hopes to describe the
breadth and quality of artist-initiated programs, projects and events, the
issues we face in this milieu and how effectively we deal with them, that
aims to both celebrate artist-run culture and demonstrate the vital role
artist-initiated activity plays in the larger cultural scene.

A group of us working in the artist-run milieu have instigated what we hope
will become a wide-ranging discussion about artist-run culture. Texts from
individuals such as yourself for publication in a book are one component.
There are other ways too for you and others to participate, listed below.
Below are a few questions that we hope might stimulate or help to focus your

1. What interests you most about artist-run culture today?

2. What is the most innovative program or event you have seen lately?

3. What is the greatest challenge facing the artist-run milieu today?

4. Has the concept of "artist-run" outlived its usefulness? If not, why not?

5. Where does the real strength of artist-run culture lie?

6. How does artist-run culture affect the larger cultural sphere?

We invite you to participate:

Send a short text (300 words) with your ideas, vision for the future,
anecdote or musing by email <>. at

Robert Labossière
Managing Editor
YYZ Artists' Outlet
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T: 416.598.4546
F: 416.598.2282

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