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[Nettime-ro] curators of Bucharest Biennale 3

May 25 - June 27, 2008


Johan Sjöström & Jan-Erik Lundström was apointed curator of Bucharest Biennale 3.

The 3rd Bucharest Biennale, organized by Pavilion, is set for May 25 - June 27, 2008 under curatorship of Johan Sjöström & Jan-Erik Lundström.

Johan Sjöström, born 1975, has been a curator at BildMuseet in Umeå, Sweden since 1998.
In fall 2005 he did a curatorial course at The University of Fine Arts in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Has contributed to magazines such as Pavilion and Paletten, and is also the editor of several publications including "Lara Baladi: Kai'ro"; "The Politics of Place"; "Mats Hjelm: Trilogy"; "Mirror's Edge", and "Head North - Views from the Permanent Collection of The South African National Gallery".
He curated for BildMusset shows like Veli Granö & Tuovi Hippeläinen - Rien/Is that all?, Jane & Louise Wilson - A Free and Anonymous Monument or Adrian Paci - Albanska berättelser.

Jan-Erik Lundström is the director of BildMuseet, Umeå university, Umeå, Sweden, a museum of contemporary art and visual culture. He is equally involved in curating, organizing, lecturing and writing. Among his latest exhibitions are Politics of Place, Killing Me Softly (Tirana Biennial), Projects for a Revolution (Mois de la Photo, Montreal), Double Vision (Prague Biennale) and Same, Same, but Different. He is the chief curator of Berlin Photography Festival, 2005, where he produced the exhibition After the Fact, a major survey towards documentary practices in contemporary art. He is the author of numerous books, including Nordic Landscapes, Tankar om fotografi (Thoughts on Photography), Irving Penn and Horizons: Towards a Global Africa. He is a guest professor at HISK, Antwerp, Belgium and at the Kunstakademie, Oslo, Norway. Lundström is a prolific international lecturer and writer, contributor to symposia internationally and to cultural magazines such as Glänta, European Photography, Paletten and tema celeste.

The assistant curator was appointed Felix Vogel. Born in 1987, he is a theoretician and curator, member of the advisory bord of Pavilion. He contributed to several magazines. He is living in Karlsruhe. _______________________________________________
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