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[Nettime-ro] Call for artists

    Puzzle Project urban studio ? summer site

  All Concept 
  ?I love Bucharest? ? ?Grigore Mora? Gallery


  Project Manager: George Bodocan
  004 0726 586 087
  004 0747 277 576

  Mirela Radulescu ? communication officer
  0040 0745 070 553

  E-mail: puzzleproject@gmail.com

  ?The Puzzle Project? urban studio/art site aims at bringing together yearly 15 artists, 10 from Romania and 5 from Europe, who shall paint individually a piece of the puzzle that will be developed gradually with every participation in every year.

  The theme is common for all the participants and will be proposed and changed yearly by the project manager with regards to the social, political, cultural context of the moment. 

  The theme for the 2006 year ?Puzzle Project? is ?Urban Feeling? because the first taste of a city that one lives, studies, visits or just transits is made through sentiments, feelings. For the future the themes will regard the human attachment to its medium. 

  Every participant to this project will be assigned to paint during 7 days a piece of the existing mural puzzle corresponding to the steps of the project.

  Context of the project:
  Bucharest is a capital shadowed by grayness, its monochromy being disrupted by advertisements placed in the corners of the streets, crossroads, by the walls of some buildings which were colored on the wish of their bold owners and by locals, students and wondering tourists. The wish for color urged the birth of the ?I Love Bucharest?, a program for public and community art which integrates personal projects of Romanian artists and architects. These projects aim at the re-esthetise the public spaces of Bucharest through interventions in which the local community is involved. The local community is important because the space that is being transformed by the artists belongs to them, to us, to everybody, namely to the public including amateurs, artists or specialists.

  ?The Puzzle Project? proposed by George Bodocan, an artist himself, is placed among the 18 public and community art projects belonging to the program ?I Love Bucharest?.

  ?Puzzle Project? has an urban feature as a dominant and follows the model of an art site because it reaches the complementarity between the terms site and urban (on the one hand the site/camp is defined from the point of view of the venue which is nature in itself and on the other hand urban contains in its definition the lack of fresh air, the greenness and everything which belongs to nature unordered by conventions). This complementarity presented in the annual urban studio is proposed in the project of Geroge Bodocan. 

     10-17 August 2006


  Schedule of the project:

  9th of August 
     participants? arrival, accomodationg, informing session on the schedule and turistic surroundings (map containing the spots of the accommodation, project and meal venue)

  10th of August
  12.00 ? Press Conference with participation of the artists. Venue: ?La Motoare?
  13.00 ? Distribution of the working spaces and receiving the materials 
  14.00 ? 15.00 ? Welcoming lunch
  15.30 ? 19.30 ? Sightseeing the city for the artists participating in the project
  20.00 ? Cultural lunch at the project venue with discussions on the theme. Participating representative figures of the Romanian cultural scene. 

  11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 August 
  Working schedule: 11.00 ? 20.00 with lunch break 15.00 ? 16.00 

  14th of August:
  20.00 Theater performance

  15th of August:
  20.00 Dance performance 

  17th of August:
  Opening with photo montage projections from previous days 

  The venue of the ?Puzzle Project? is the open air bar ?La Motoare? set on the roof of the National Theater of Bucharest, on the wall on the right hand of the entrance, wich presents the advantage that it is already divided in rectangular shapes. (see the left photo) 
  Financial aid:
  The artists from Europe are offered accommodation in an apartment in Bucharest. An every day lunch meal for the duration of the whole project will be offered both to Romanian and foreign participants. The entrance fee for some venues of the sightseeing is to be supported by the hosts. Other expenses (for the traveling, daily expenses) have to be supported by the artists themselves. 
  The arrival day is 9th of August 2006 and all the artists will be picked up from the venues where they arrive during this day. 

  Application procedure:

  The application procedure is online, every artists being asked to submit to the following e-mail address: puzzleprojectbucharest@gmail.com 5 items (pictures, sketches, photos, etc.) of previous works and an up to date CV.
  The age limit is 35 years old.
  An asset can represent former participation in other projects, exhibitions or actions dealing with public and urban art but this shall not damage the rightness of choice in judging the projects by the jury. 
  The deadline for receiving all the application files is 1st of august 2006. 

Mirela Radulescu
Education Curator
Education and Communication Department
The National Museum of Art of Romania
Calea Victoriei 49-53, 010063 Bucharest, Romania
Tel. 00 40 21 314 81 19
Mobile. 00 40 745 070 553
email. mirela.radulescu@art.museum.ro
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