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Re: [Nettime-ro] s-a mai destesptat un roman

>Subject:       [Nettime-ro] s-a mai destramat un mit
>From:          "PAVILION [contemporary art & culture magazine]"

un roman - "PAVILION [contemporary art & culture magazine]"

>"Germanii si olandezii ar fi cei mai inteligenti dintre europeni

n-au incotro ca-s cei mai uriti

>, in timp ce romanii, bulgarii, francezii, turcii si sarbii, cele mai
>greoaie la minte popoare ale batranului continent.

daca TU crezi acest `studiu` acest `studiu` este corect
... cel putin in cazul tau

>Conform cotidianului britanic "The Times", acestea sunt concluziile
>celui mai recent studiu privind coeficientii de inteligenta medii pe
>tari, realizat de profesorul irlandez Richard Lynn, unul dintre cei mai

impreuna cu tovarasa elena ceausescu

>, savanti in domeniul psihologiei diferentiale si al studiului
>inteligentei umane."
>Evenimentul Zilei, preluare din "The Times".

feeding new + improved gullibloons to the v.needy + m9ndfukd balkan life forms

Evenimentul Zilei + "The Times" -- the science of the dog - Keeping a
Fascist Tradition Alive One Tale at a Time

Intelligence means bringing together distinct parts, eg. cooking.
Intelligence does not mean following a cook book in precise measurements,
as is customary in the West
[in the kitchen, in the bedroom, on the street, in life]

Conform inteligentei the west is simply.inferior
for a german cannot repair a car without the correct, professionally
produced tool ... and manual and insurance,
while a Romanian will repair anything with anything that works, inclusive
... -.o

A german can do what he was trained to do.
A Romanian can do anything.

This is intelligence.

The Romanian however was never really aware of his intelligence.
The Romanian always believed in fairy tales and so
many powers tricked the v.naive + gullible Romanian into believing
that intelligence is stupidity and stupidity intelligence,
particularly after the customary arsenal of palinca shots.

From Christianity, to Communism to Western Democracy,
the naive + gullible Romanian se tot desteapta,
with each step becoming less and less intelligent ... selling `the
unpronounceable` for cheap occident refuse.


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