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Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart
 1. April - 5. June 2006
> Michaël Borremans, Fernando Bryce, Dan Perjovschi

> Drawings
> Press Conference: Friday, 31. March 2006, 11 am
> Opening: Friday, 31. March 2006, 7 pm
 Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart is presenting
drawings by the artists Dan Perjovschi (Bucharest),
Fernando Bryce (Berlin) and Michaël Borremans (Ghent)
from April 1 to June 5, 2006. The focus is not on a
specific theme but rather on three very different
approaches to drawing, which will be presented in an
open relation to each other.
The three artists have in common the fact that they
create complex narrative spaces with their drawings.

Dan Perjovschis figures and scenarios, reduced to just
a few lines, follow the spontaneous, subversive
gestures of caricature and graffiti. He ironically
exaggerates current political and social events ­ as
well as the affectations of the art industry. His
characters, who inhabit a kind of parallel world, are
constantly on our heels, commenting on the disorders
and absurdities of a society formulating itself on a
global scale.
 The works of Fernando Bryce ­ installations
consisting of between a few and hundreds of drawings ­
are created in a lengthy process of copying ­ or
mimetic analysis, as Bryce refers to his artistic
approach. He copies from historical pictures and texts
from the print media: newspapers, magazines,
advertisements, cinema posters, etc. In ³Revolución²,
a work comprising more than 200 drawings, in this way
Bryce re-interprets, for example, the history of the
revolutions of the 1950s and 1960s.
 Michaël Borremans¹ small-format pencil, ballpoint,
ink and watercolour drawings follow in the footprints
of the artistic, scientific and pop culture pictorial
traditions of the 19th and early 20th century. He too
draws on themes from historical print media. His
suggestive, highly aesthetic pictorial worlds are
pervaded with surreal and ironical expressions that
bring suppressed fantasies and phantasms, pleasure and
fear, power and loss of power into play.
 In a way, all three artists refer to the potency ­
and to the hollow spaces ­ of the reproducible image
and information media that they project forward in
different ways with their drawings: in the sense of an
analysis of social and political conditions that reads
between the lines of media superficialities. 

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