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[Nettime-ro] VideoChannel -image & music

Call for propsals
Deadline 1 July 2006
will launch in April the
1st Cologne Online Film Festival (CologneOFF)
featuring film & videos on the theme "gender identity".

is now already planning the
2nd Cologne Online Film Festival (CologneOFF)
to be launched in October 2006
in the framework of KlangDrang Festival Cologne (6-7 October 2006)
and to be screened in the framework of VideoChannel screenings during 
the festival.
is looking for digital films/videos
dealing with the interaction of image & music,
a theme which is referring to the character of the festival of sonic 
art (KlangDrang)

Film and video are basically  visual media.
Even if used and recognized as an important component,
has music in this context mostly rather a colorizing and atmospheric 
The films/videos VideoChannel is looking for
should give image & music an equal or music even a dominating status,
which may be worked out in most different ways, for instance--->
music as the theme of the story, films reflecting music through images 
and viceversa,
the visalization of music, and much more.
There are no restricting categories, the submission of experimental 
works is encouraged.

The call is inviting artists to submit up to three proposals.
The deadline is 1 July 2006

For being reviewed, the videos should be preferably available online 
and have to be  submitted as URL for download.
After a positive review, the artists/directors may be invited to send 
the video on a data  DVD as mpeg2 file.
Running time: 1-10 Minutes.

Please use this form for submitting: of artist , email address , URL
2. short biography/CV (not more than 300 words)
3. max 3 work proposal-->
a) title
b) year of production, orginal format
c) running time
d) URL  - where the video can be reviewed on or is available for 
4. work description (story included, not more than 500 words)
5. screenshot (.jpeg, max. 800x600 px)
The submitter(s) declares and confirms
that he/she/they is/are holding all  rights on the submission
and give permission to include the submitted work
in "VideoChannel" online/offline environment until revoke.
Signed by (submitter)
Please send the complete submission to
subject:  "image vs music"
Visit the online collection of VideoChannel
VideoChannel is a joint venture between
Cinematheque at MediaArtCentre
and [R][R][F] 2006 - global networking project
in the framework of
[NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne, the experimental plattform for art and New Media
This calls is also released on
NetEX - networked experience
info & contact
info (at) nmartproject.
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