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>textul devine o inutilitate formala, o excrescenta bruta, aseptica si
>  pina cind cuvintele nu vor spune si comunica decit semne vide si grafice?

one does not understand the whole by understanding the whole
due 2 consciousness is a part masquerading as a whole

at the frontiers of consciousness the subdivisions of life vanish

flesh touching flesh generates a perfume, while the friction of words
generates only pain and division.


equal fate befalls the negligent and the valiant.
equal honor goes to the worthless and the virtuous.

the occident is built upon the dichotomy real\apparent
from euclid to einstein western science has been based
upon the devaluation of human existence.

mais ... among romanian peasants the ritual narration of stories
\that is during the night\ defends the house against the devil
+ evil spirits. still more, the narration leads to the presence of god.

multiverse continuum ___..


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