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[Nettime-ro] \\ melt this right into your lips at least twice a day

no more uriting. bring ur face.

ue share it.

as 01 embrace

+ dze sea gasez bak. silent.
u lie doun on itz broad uavez




it azkz. r u ztil mine

snowlovers should never melt

... this narrative refers to events which took place in the days of
saint hilarion. in the town where he was born, near gaza, there
lived a simple, pious couple whom the lord had blessed with a daughter
of intelligence and great beauty. reared by her parents in the
ways of goodness, the sensitive girl, to everyone's delight, grew
in humility and piety, and was, in all her discreet charm, as
lovely to behold as an angel of god. her dark, shining hair
played about her white forehead; long, velvety-black lashes
shaded her modestly lowered eyes; she walked on tiny. delicate feet,
slender and light as the gazelles under the palm trees. she would not
even look at men, for in her fourteenth year of age she had taken
deathly ill, and she had vowed - should he save her - to take none
but god as husband, and god had accepted her offering ...

in a non developing konstant state ov tension
passions reach the highest pitch + manifest
themselves more vividly + konvincingly
dzn in the gradual process ov change.

it is 4 disz reason dostojevski = superb.

the most interesting karakters are
outwardly static but inwardly charged
with energie by an overriding passion.

aion. sacred time. u. nn. village. it.


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