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[Nettime-ro] limerick biennial

  OPEN AND INVITED e v+ a 2006
  (On generosity, giving, sharing and social exchange)
  10th March ? 21st May 2006
  Curator: Katerina Gregos
  ?If there is a connection between generosity and social justice, and if generosity is not merely an individual virtue but openness fundamental to human existence, sociality and social formation, then it may turn out that although nothing currently anticipates the idea of generosity, there is nonetheless an urgent need to address the public about it?.
  Dorothea Olkowski on Rosalyn Diprose?s book: Corporeal Generosity: On Giving with Nietsche, Merleau-Ponty and Levinas (Albany, SUNY Press, 2002)
  Narda Alvarado (Bolivia); 
  Arpy Adamyan & Mary Amirkhanyan (Armenia); 
  Anonymous (Greece); 
  Artists without Walls (Israel/Palestine); 
  John Beattie (Ireland); 
  Otto Berchem (USA/Netherlands); 
  Marc Bijl (Netherlands); 
  Sarah Browne & Gareth Kennedy (Ireland); 
  Yvonne Bucheim (Germany); 
  Nikos Charalambidis/L.S.A.D. (Cyprus/Ireland) 
  The Centre of Attention (France/UK); 
  Eleni Christodoulou (Greece); 
  David Comiskey (USA); 
  Phil Coy (UK); 
  Miriam Cuddy (Ireland);  
  Minerva Cuevas (Mexico); 
  Juan Manuel Echavarría (Colombia); 
  Neva Elliott (Ireland); 
  Enso (Ireland); 
  Ciara Finnegan (Ireland); 
  Alexandros Georgiou (Greece); 
  Mairín Grant (Ireland); 
  Fiona Hackett (Ireland); 
  Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta ? Kalleinen (Finland); 
  Ursula Kelly & Maeve McElligott (Ireland); 
  Nevan Lahart (Ireland);  
  Nicky Larkin (Ireland);   
  Johanna Lecklin (Finland); 
  Colette Lewis & Colleen Bartley (Ireland); 
  Limerick School of Art & Design (Ireland
  Sean Lynch (Ireland);  
  Panayiotis Michael (Cyprus); 
  Susan MacWilliam (Ireland); 
  Eoin McHugh (Ireland); 
  Michael Minnis & Aíne Nic Giolla Coda (Ireland); 
  Katarina Mojzisova (Czech Rep.); 
  Fiona Mulholland (Ireland); 
  Jennifer Nelson & Dimitris Kotsaras (USA/Greece);  
  Catriona Ní Threasaigh (Ireland); 
  Seamus Nolan & Lisa Marie Johnson (Ireland); 
  Deirdre A. Power (Ireland); 
  Christodoulos Panayiotou (Cyprus); 
  Dan Perjovschi (Romania); 
  Christopher Reid (Ireland); 
  Mario Rizzi (Italy); 
  Paula Roush (Portugal); 
  Jon Rubin (USA); Jon Rubin and the Independent School of Art (USA); Julika Rudelius (Germany/Netherlands); 
  Mara Adamitz Scrupe (USA); 
  Chemi Rosado Seijo (Puerto Rico); 
  Anna Sherbany (Israel); 
  Davide Terlingo (Italy/Ireland); 
  Superflex (Denmark);  
  Nina Tanis (USA); 
  Mark Titchner (UK); 
  Julian Walker (UK); 
  Kostis Velonis (Greece); 
  Wochenklausur (Austria); 
  Daniel Vais (Israel)
   Psychic Disobedience and Esoteric Acts and The Library of Social Manifestations curated by invited e v+ a artist Jennifer Nelson for Daghdha Space. Featuring: Flotsam, Melissa Longenecker, Jennifer Nelson, Eddo Stern, Christopher Trembley, US Department of Art and Technology, Michael Wilson, Natalie Zimmerman  
   Two O? Clock Fallout:  An Interdisciplinary Event of a Non Linear Nature (Live Art and Multi Media), Dowdarragh House, Newcastle, Castleroy, Co. Limerick curated by Emma Teck and Brighdin Farre    
   Programme of artists? talks at Limerick School of Art and Design and Limerick City Gallery of Art  
   Free distribution of Old News,  a newspaper project instigated by curator/editor Jacob Fabricius about the media and recycled news featuring contributions by  24 international artists; at all exhibition
  Limerick City Gallery of Art, Daghdha Space, The Granary, Belltable Arts Centre, The Hunt Museum, Bourn Vincent Gallery, University of Limerick, Limerick School of Art & Design, St. Mary?s Cathedral, The White House Pub, Clancy?s Electrical and various city venues.

    Arts Council of Ireland 
  Limerick City Gallery of Art
  Hellenic Ministry of Culture
  Daghdha Dance Company
  Hunt Museum
  Belltable Arts Centre
  Mondriaan Foundation
  J.F. Costopoulos Foundation
  Anglo Irish Bank
  Failté Ireland (National Tourism Development Authority)
  La Colección Jumex
  University of Limerick
  Kirby Electrical
  Italian Cultural Institute (Dublin)
  Republic of Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture
  Austrian Embassy (Dublin)
  Embassy of Greece (Dublin)

  For more information and images contact:
  Bernardette O? Neill at Mahon O? Neill (PR & Communication):
  Telephone (353) 1 669 4762
  Fax (353) 1 669 4792

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