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[Nettime-ro] call for videos -VideoChannel

Call: videos on the theme "gender identity"
final deadline: 1 March 2006
is looking for videos on the theme of "gender identity", to be included in the online collection on, as well as the DVD video collection to be presented 
on festivals and media exhibitions.--->
In  times when the traditional role of being "male" and "female" in society
has lost its meaning,  a male expresses his female, and a female her male components of
their personality, when sexuality is not reduced to being straight or gay,
but countless mixed forms of human existance can be lived, 
defining oneself in a gender specific context may become
an essential question.
The call is inviting artists to reflect their own or  the subject of male, female, gay,
lesbian, transgender etc identity via the medium of video.
Details and entry form can be found on NetEX - internal announcements
also available as PDF for download
NetEX - networked experience
http://netex.nmartproject net

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