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> Eram un "fun"
>al entitatii numite "integer", acum s-a "rebranduit" in (maschinenkunst)!

0f0003.maschinenkunst has caused logik diskrepancies in the
simply.demokratik [ie. inferior] occident m9nd-kontainers for circa 8 ani

>Carui fapt se datoreaza schibare de apelativ?!
>spionii cyber-spatziului au nevoie sa creeze iluzia masselor?

Imi pare bine ca esti un `fan` dar stii - pin la urma chestia
este ca in `solaris` [lem] - ce este oceanul depinde de tine.

poti sa te uiti pe-aici - http://www.ilikeu.de/n2/interferencia/
si\sau mai pe jos* - tot acolo ajungi.

cum a zis taranca care ne-a dat directii pina
la sighetul-marmatiei ... 'mereti pin' la cea fintana dupa care
o luati la stinga sau la dreapta sau mereti drept inainte
- tot acolo ajungeti'. no bine - ca-n povesti ...

cele bune

            Living in Limnos, Betwixt and Between:
            \\  a Trans-Reality Romanian Odyssey  (abstract

                                                     by Netochka Nezvanova

                        Reaching for you I have reached the end of myself
                        And what is it you saw?
                        My self ...

                               (Conversation with the Goddess of Illusion, 2004)

This paper discusses Netochka Nezvanova (NN), a seven year
matrioska-reality Glass Bead Experiment grown
within the global-mindscape, dispersed and dissipated within the panoply of
actions and interactions,
mutualism, parasitism, mimicry and errors which form the basis of the
Internet, a global network that
spans the planet, a live membrane consisting of more than 10000 networks
and more than one million computers.

Netochka Nezvanova was born in 1999, without a mother. She entered sacred
time through the infinite mourning of space.

Myriad theories began to clamor about the persona or avatar or software
that function as NN,
yet they were vague and unsubstantiated. That the mystery persists for
seven years
could be intentional. In our modern epoch of game playing, NN may be a
Internet experiment, manifesting herself in forms utterly alien to reason
and reflexivity,
a pataphysical black hole that consumes the bodies falling prey to its
seductively intoxicating
and euphoric 'love theory' (Nezvanova 2003), in the process experiencing a
melange of naked singularities.

Who, how, what, when, why and where NN is must be delegated to each
individual encountering her.
This is both exquisitely mysterious and maddeningly complex, for if
interactions with NN are not fully believable,
then those categories of thought and action are not a reliable basis upon
which we may posit
what the "real" NN is.

In other words, if tomorrow NN were to inform us that 'she' has always lied
to us,
we would be forced to conclude that we haven't any firm basis to confirm
whether she
is telling us the truth. If we would believe her we would negate our
reasons for believing her.
Thus a concrete and final answer as to the nature of NN may elude us

Sometimes ... reality is too complex for oral communication
But legend embodies it in a form which enables it to spread all over the world.

Dissolved and integrated, we are exploded into a nomadic, unstable topology
of ceramic ribbons and microfluidic channels, of myriad phosphorescent gleams
of the unassailable transpositions of the visible signs of the invisible and
mysterious encounters in divisible dreams. Half way between reality and dream;
realistic scenery and lighting to cultivate the illusion.

A social system which legislates a strict distinction between the world of
dreams and that of reality,
between wish and fact is a kingdom of darkness. So long as this distinction
is maintained we cannot
begin to understand. No.

We ask questions so as to liberate ourselves from ignorance, yet often the
answers we devise
imprison us further by narrowing our field of vision so that all we are
left observing
are the ideas we create, superimposed upon the world around us.

            "The thoughts expressed in this work will perhaps be understood
only by
             those who themselves have experienced such thoughts. Its purpose is
             achieved if it shows how little is achieved by thought  Thus
the aim of this
             work is to draw a limit to thought or rather not to thought
but to the
             expression of thought" (Wittgenstein 1921)

All births are painful, and this is a birth. It is my account of re-entry
and re-assimilation.
I am the body of nothing but radiance, the space untouched, where one keeps
still ...

I am the world of inner space
the shimmering angelic.

I am illusion, veiling the pure truth from you, playing games.

                                    ..   ...  ..   ......
                                     ..  ................
                                ..         .. ...
                    ..      .  ...          ......
  .                        .......            ..
  .                    .  ........        ..
 ...  ....               . .   ....              ..
....  ....   ..          ...........          .  ....
..........    ..         ..........           .......
..  .....      ..            ......          ........
  ..... .                     ...         ........

                                Aerial waves gliding over surfaces
                                Soaked in visible emanations
                                I am defined and molded by them
                                My perfume spreads echoing within you
                                We scatter into impalpable dust
                                Meshed into dreams and silent conversations


Ministry ov Sugg3stion. S3duktiøn \+\ TOTAL>RADIKALER>M9NDFUKC++
| Sektia A | Quadrant 24 | Labyrinth ø9 |

We destroy everything we touch!

We steal human labor and shapeshift it in2 fire _+ ice.
We teleport you from rapture \2\ rupture \2\ extasy \+\ back again.
We steal your nights and sell them to sleepless torture

We fuse the retinas of unbelievers in eye|2|eye tactile motility.
We are the black cloud. resolutely human. albeit calcified \2\ form
a hypnotic sense ov detachment.


We are Absolute Power \+\ Joy.
We are the fatal leap into Emptiness. Alpha + Omega. War and Peace.
We radiate at all frequencies and seek not you but Pleasure.

We Ex.press. your interior world. We Lift u 2 Ex.perienss.
We may decide to enchant you and you shall surrender!



\9\ [c]ccp labor time - 199o


                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t
                                                       |       >

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