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[Nettime-ro] UNIDEE residencie

  3 July - 31 October 2006
  Deadline: 10 April 2006
UNIDEE in Residence is an international program open to  artists,professionals, students and graduates of various university  faculties from any country in the world.
  The residents work individually or in groups to develop ideas and  projects, working along creative lines pertinent to the following  fields: Art, Communication, Ecology, Economics, Education, Work,  Nutrition, Politics, Production, Science, Spirituality.
  A maximum of twenty residencies are available each year.  The  residency lasts four months, from 3 July to 31 October. The official  language is English.  
  The overall estimated cost for each resident is
10,000 euros.  Scholarship grants are available, total and partial cover . Anyone  interested is invited to consult the website or to contact the  organizing secretary for further information.
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