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[Nettime-ro] FRISBEE- Contemporary Czech Videoart and New Media + Romanian Videoart = Brno House of Arts


>Brno House of Arts
>House of Lords of Kun?tát, Dominikánská 9,  Brno
>8 February ? 12 March, 2006
>Contemporary Czech Videoart and New Media
>Exhibition curator: Franti?ek Kowolowski
>Cooperation: David Mo?ný
>Press conference: 7 February 2006 at 11 am at the House of Lords of 
>Kun?tát, Dominikánská 9, Brno
>Opening of the exhibition:  7 February 2006 at 6 pm at the House of 
>Lords of Kun?tát, Dominikánská 9, Brno
>For more information, contact: Franti?ek Kowolowski, kowo@dumb.cz, tel: 
>+420 542 21 18 08, GSM: +420 736 485 367
>The exhibition is accompanied by a presentation of Contemporary 
>Romanian Videoart  - Cutia Neagra / Black Box in the House of Lords of 
>Kun?tát basement; exhibition curator Florin Tudor (Bucharest)
>Artists: Aurelia Mihai, Vlad Nanca, Ion Grigorescu, KissPall Szabolcs, 
>Matei Bejenaru, Dan Mihaltianu, Calin Dan, Mona Vatamanu & Florin 
>Tudor, Ciprian Muresan
>Exhibiting artists:
>Jesper Alvaer, Zbynìk Baladrán, Filip Cenek+Jiøí Havlíèek, Milena 
>Anneta Mona Chisa, Richard Fajnor, Guma Guar, Petr Lysáèek+Denisa 
>Fialová, David Mo?ný, Pavel Mrkus, Jan Nálevka, Michal Pìchouèek, 
>Record, Pavel Ry?ka, Patrik Sedlaczek+Jiøí Kotrla, Jan Stolín, Jiøí 
>Surùvka, Jan ?erých, Martin Zet, Petr Zubek
>The exhibition is accompanied by a DVD, a catalogue and a website.
>More at: WWW.dumb.cz/frisbee
>Just like a lot of things related to contemporary culture, art too is, 
>at least to a certain extent, a discourse between matters in a 
>so-called ?critical context?. This is also true for the exhibition 
>entitled Frisbee, introducing authors of the younger generation who 
>have gained their place in the sun of Czech art in the 1990s. Sometimes 
>they are marked with distinct codes of the totalitarian system that 
>they had witnessed at the height of its powers in the eighties of the 
>past century. It is not merely a question of delimiting oneself against 
>the dominating system, but mainly an effort to redefine existential 
>dimensions. The artists use new forms of thinking and sensibility that 
>provide new perspectives.
>After the outset of the newly regained freedom the artists open 
>themselves to new social conditions, using assertively the 
>possibilities of the ever increasing influence of the new media and, at 
>the same time, applying their own influence upon these media. Their 
>strategy is based on a totally free option of handling used sources, 
>recycling them and using them for their artistic activity. The younger 
>commencing artistic generation also uncompromisingly relativise new 
>social conditions ? their actions take on an ironic form and do not 
>lack critical concern.
>In this context, ?critical? determines a number of system indicators. 
>It is a presentation underlining for instance the discrepancies between 
>reality and fiction, the personal and the public, as well as the 
>possible and the real. A decisive moment is that of recording or 
>creating pictures that seem to be primary in grasping present-day or 
>bygone reality. The most natural also, because the authors get hold of 
>image networks (so-called digital or analogue) and become a certain 
>interpretation of the reality in which we are bound to live. It is the 
>same for the twenty Czech authors introduced here.
>After a premiere of the Frisbee project at the National Museum of 
>Contemporary Art (MNAC) in Bucharest at the turn of 2004/2005, the 
>exhibition is on display once again at the Brno House of arts. In a 
>modified form and with a new selection of video-works of some of the 
>artists, it aims to show the contemporary state of the art on the Czech 
>visual scene.
>Their selection is by no means a dogma, neither in relation to the 
>curator nor to the theme, but rather a presentation of possibilities 
>and a broader view of contemporary Czech videoart and new media.
>Organized by:
>Brno House of Arts, Malinovského nám. 2, 602 00 Brno
>Exhibition venue:
>House of Lords of Kun?tát, Dominikánská 9, 602 00 Brno
>The exhibition is kindly supported by:
>The Czech Ministry of Culture, the Foundation Czech Art Fund, MNAC ? 
>the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest, the Faculty of 
>Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology, CEICA ? the Central European 
>Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Department of Art Education, 
>Faculty of Education, Masaryk University in Brno
>Open until 12 March 2006 daily except for Mondays from 10 am to 6 pm
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