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Re: [Nettime-ro] a murit 'mama feministelor'

> Intr-adevar, dupa o scurta privire pe site-ul altermedia ma gandesc ca
> urmatoarea aniversare semnificativa pe care si-ar dori sa ne-o
> impartaseasca
> cu bucurie ar fi 20 Aprilie.
>Ziua lui hitler.

Hitler proclaimed dancing effeminate.
Subsequently Germany dropped `science` + science and danced \+ globally\
Fists are feminine !!

> Pe de alta parte, e foarte, foarte incurajator ca altermedia a auzit de
> Betty Friedan. Chiar si de la Henry Makov... pe care il puteti gasi pe
> site-ul lui personal unde le zice mai pe sleau:
> http://www.savethemales.ca/

gylanic societies - societies in which women + men shared equal partnership.
eg. monian culture ov ancient crete.

archaeologist leonard woolley describes it: the most complete
acceptance of the grace of life the world has known - like
the enchantment of a fairy tale world.

how were gylanic societies destroyed ...
gimbutas writes:

"while european cultures pursued a peaceful existence
and reached a true florescence and sophistication of art
+ architecture in the 5th millenium bc. a very diff.
neolithic culture with domesticated horses + lethal weapons
emerged in the volga basin of south russia, and after
the middle of the 5th mill. west of the black sea.

this new force inevitably changed the course of european prehistory.
i call it kurgan culture (kurgan means barrow in .ru)
since the dead were burried in round barrows that covered the
mortuary houses of important males"

the kurgan invasions invaded gylanic societies +
replaced them with patriarchal dominator cultures.

>a murit 'mama feministelor'

si taticul video-artei

inainte cu eroii. capitalismul si comunismul.
pt. ca nu ne place elita

uite asa se-nvrte fata ... maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiii


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