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[Nettime-ro] Call for projects:Flying Broom International women's film festival, Ankara, Turquie

Call for projects:Flying Broom International women's film festival, Ankara, Turquie.


Call for participations

1.1. The objective of this festival is to introduce the native and foreigner women directors to Turkish audience, to reconsider the cinema through a feminist perspective and to create a sphere for the discussion on women's experiences and problems reflected to the cinema.
1.2. 9th Flying Broom Women's Film Festival (FBWFF) will take place in 4-12 May 2006 in Ankara- Turkey
1.3. Submission to the festival is open to feature fictions, documentaries and short films that directed by women.
1.4. All feature films must be in 35mm
1.5. Selected films will be screened in their original version with electronic subtitles in Turkish. In principle, if the original language is the film other than English, the prints must be subtitled in English.
1.6. Dialog list in English along with a VHS/ DVD copy of the film must be provided for translation purposes.
1.7. Participants are urged to make available all requested publicity material for promotion.

2. Submission deadlines and materials
2.1. The submission deadline for selection purposes, which means the deadline for the festival's office to receive the required submission materials, is: February 20, 2006 for short films and documentaries and March 6, 2006 for the feature films.
2.2. The applicant is requested to send:
. A completed and duly signed entry form
. One full-length VHS or DVD (PAL or NTSC) copy of the film. The screener must be labelled with the title, director's name, length, format, subtitling (if any).
. Synopsis of the film
. Biography and filmography of the director
. Full cast and credits list
. Stills from the film (300 dpi) . Poster and/or press booklet
2.3. The owners of the participant films are required to send the mentioned materials as prepaid to:
3.4 None of the above listed submission enclosures will be returned.

3. Selected films
3.1. In order to compile the festival catalogue, for each selected film, the festival must receive a duly completed entry form and requested materials (screener, synopsis of the film, biography and filmography of the director, a selection of stills from the film and a full list of artistic and technical credits). The requested materials should be sent/ submitted as soon as possible upon acceptance of the invitation, but no later than March 20, 2006. The festival accepts no liability in the event that its publications reproduce inaccuracies in submitted materials.
3.2. Catalogue writings are entirely at the discretion of the festival.
3.3. In principle the catalogue will include the following technical and artistic credits: original title, international title, country(ies) of production, production year, format, length, director, production company, producer, sales company, screenplay, camera, editing, art direction, sound, music and leading actors.
3.4. The owners of the films participating in the festival are requested to send separately an adequate amount of press kits and stills to be made available to the festival press office for distribution to the press and festival guests.
3.5. After official selection of a film the festival is qualified to use excerpts from the film, with a maximum of 3 minutes, nationally and internationally for promotional purposes (for documentaries and short films, the total duration of the excerpts is not to exceed more than 10% of the film running time). The owners of feature length films participating in the festival are requested to provide the festival press office with excerpts from the film on a Betacam PAL videocassette.
3.6. For promotion of the whole selection and of each selected film, the festival website is allowed to use any photo
3.7. General scheduling and the timetabling of the public screenings and the press & industry screenings are entirely at the discretion of the festival management.
3.8. A selected film cannot be withdrawn from the programme after April 7, 2006.

Buyukelci Sok. 20/4 K.dere
06700 Kavaklidere Ankara
tel: +90 312 427 00 20
fax: +90 312 466 55 61

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