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[Nettime-ro] WAVES festival Riga, Latvia


Electromagnetic waves as material and medium of art

The proposed exhibition WAVES in August 2006 in Riga, Latvia will look 
at electromagnetic waves as the principle material - the medium - of media 

Pantha Rei - everything flows

In 2006 The "Art + Communication" festival, organised by the RIXC in 
Riga,celebrates its 10th anniversary and the 8th edition.  For the first 
time festival is conceived as a large scale exhibition event that focuses on the 
phenomenon of "waves".

The exhibition brings together works of (media) art that deal with
properties of waves in imaginative ways, exploring, making visible or making us feel
waves on a host of different bands of the spectrum. In this exhibition
electromagnetic waves are not just seen as carriers of information, but as the material 
and/or theme of the artwork.

The main thesis behind the exhibition idea is that when artists take 
wavesseriously as the medium of their artwork, they start questioning the boundaries 
of what can be done with this medium. Electronic information is a tightly controlled
sphere. Yet artists with their electronic DIY kits have found numerous ways of
thinking outside the box, making their own waves, creating alternative networks and
facilities or creatively abusing existing technology.

The exhibition will take place in Riga, August 24 - September 17, 2006.
The festival dates: August 24 - August 27, 2006.

The main exhibition will take place at the Arsenal, Riga's central
exhibition venue for contemporary arts (lobby hall 300m2, two large rooms 600 m2 un 500 
m2, and one
separate smaller room 120 m2 upstairs).

The show includes an information lounge and is accompanied by a 
programme of live events in the museum and at the RIXC Media Space, with film screenings 
of classic experimental movies, performances, concerts and lectures.

Artists who think that their work fits one or more of the following 
themes (or a new theme that corresponds to the main theme) should send a brief 
description of the
work plus Links, and other relevant information, to:


> scientific/artistic:
- radio astronomy
- radio cryptography
- spectrum mapping
- radio oceanography
- climate change research
- visualisation and sonification

> alternative communication systems:
- ad-hoc networking
- wireless

> wave philosophy:
- wave-particle duality,
- wave sculpture,
- signal-to-noise ratio,
- determinism vs indeterminism,
- quantum spacetime bubbles

> social movements:
- social cycles,
- Kondratiev, etc.

> psycho-esoteric-utopian:
- ESP, Jirgenson / Raudive, etc.
- psycho climate research
- Tesla
- Schauberger

Exhibition team:

Idea: Armin Medosch <>
Curators: Raitis Smits <>, Rasa Smite <>, 
Film curator: Erwin van 't Hart <>
Remote programme co-ordinator: Adam Hyde <>

Organisers of the festival:

The RIXC, The Center for New Media Culture:
Festival coordinators: Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits,
Press and info coordinator: Agnese Rucina <>


The RIXC, The Center for New Media Culture
11. Novembra Krastmala 35 - 201, Riga, LV 1050, Latvia.
Tel. +371-7228478, +371-6546776 (mob.),
Fax: +371-7228477

for selected artists we will offer:
- tranportation and insurence expenses of their works
- support to set up work in riga, rent of necessary equipment, etc.
- travel to riga and accomodation
- food during the festival days
- small fee (appx. 200 eur)

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